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Avengers GO!

By Ceshira

Reblog from Tumblr here: [link]

Preview of picture here: [link]


THIS IS MY DESKTOP FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR I SWEAR…. Or until I can make something a little more entertaining…

I seriously am proud of this one (I’m starting to shock myself here guys. I mean this ACTUALLY looks legit in a weird way). Hell, my older brother (who just rolls his eyes at my usual drawings I show him) actually liked it. I guess its because he’s a huge fan of the Avengers (Psh, what man in the US can say he isn’t? lol) and did like watching teen titans with me when I was smaller…

And let’s get this out of the way right here and right now. YES I just drew a shirtless Beast boy. You can stop drooling. But seriously, I love how everyone turned out. I think since I made that you tube video on drawing titans that I actually learned something myself!

Art by *Ceshira
Teen Titans © DC
Avengers © Marvel
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© 2012 - 2021 Ceshira
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Can I use this in you tubevideo

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Think I would have made Raven, Vision.
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The Shakira would line up better with the soul stone, and Raven is no where near as enthusiastic as Natasha is!
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The Shakira would line up with the soul stone and Raven is nowhere near Natasha's level of enthusiasm.
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So, no Teen Titan wanted to be Hawkeye? Wow! 😑
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Wouldn't Raven be Dr. Strange?
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he is not an avenger
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I think it's more of personality thing or maybe gender don't know 
I mean Robin isn't exactly like Captain America and Beast Boy is nothing like Hulk cept being green 

Though Star being Thor Makes so much sense siblings issues XD
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love the crossover :)
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That actually makes sense.:confuzzled: 
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It looks like they dressed up to go watch the latest Avengers movie.  Star is adorable as Thor :D
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love it! although starfires face scares me a bit
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I love how Raven's wearing the Black Widow costume but she still has a "Whatever!" attitude!
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I love teen titans very much!!! Great job also check out on FB this teen titans Loving group very active but teen titans go isnt aloud only teen titans…
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