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For the longest time, I kept my gallery OC-free.

This was reflected on my commission policy, with no OC commissions accepted.

But I am realizing now that, as of March of this year, my gallery was no longer OC-free:

Shamrock by Cesar-Hernandez

I'd started including some characters created by me when I was in high school (translation: quite a few of them, though not all, were based on my friends and myself).

So I am thinking nothing bad happened to the gallery, and now I am opening it to other people's OCs. I will be accepting OC commissions.

I can still decline any commission at any time, and all other rules still apply. But let's see what drawing other people's OCs is like.

If you are interested in commissioning art from me, you can read the details here:

||| C O M M I S S I O N I N F O ! |||

On other news, I opened a Patreon account. Please go take a look at it. As rewards for the patrons, I will be uploading lineart versions of the drawings I create.

Here is the link to my profile:



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Blue scarf by Cesar-Hernandez

Hyrule Warriors. 2014.
Hyrule Warriors Legends. 2016.

  • Reading: Jack Kirby's The Fourth World
  • Watching: Young Justice
  • Playing: The Caligula Effect
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Link and Ravio order pizza by Cesar-Hernandez

A Link between Worlds. 2013.
Tri Force Heroes. 2015.

Link and Ravio share personal hygiene products by Cesar-Hernandez  Link and Ravio sleep soundly by Cesar-Hernandez  Ravio's Bracelet by Cesar-Hernandez  Link and Ravio pick up apples by Cesar-Hernandez  Bear Minimum by Cesar-Hernandez  Say, why not try on something new? by Cesar-Hernandez

  • Reading: Jack Kirby's The Fourth World
  • Watching: Young Justice
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The Four Sword by Cesar-Hernandez

Four Swords. 2002.

Little eggs by Cesar-Hernandez  Link lift by Cesar-Hernandez

  • Reading: Jack Kirby's The Fourth World
  • Watching: Young Justice
  • Playing: The Caligula Effect
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The usual spot by Cesar-Hernandez

Ocarina of Time. 1998.
Majora's Mask. 2000.

You'll keep cool in even the hottest places by Cesar-Hernandez  You're a terrible man to have kept me waiting by Cesar-Hernandez

  • Reading: Jack Kirby's The Fourth World
  • Watching: Young Justice
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It will be rain tonight by Cesar-Hernandez

A Link to the Past. 1991.
Oracle of Seasons. 2001.
Oracle of Ages. 2001.
Link's Awakening. 1993.

Link, I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle by Cesar-Hernandez  Mourning Link by Cesar-Hernandez  Beware of deep water and Zola! by Cesar-Hernandez  Fairies heal Link by Cesar-Hernandez  You want something? Then earn it in the ring! by Cesar-Hernandez  Ricky's gloves by Cesar-Hernandez  Subrosiandose a Link by Cesar-Hernandez  Rod of Seasons by Cesar-Hernandez  Magnetic Gloves by Cesar-Hernandez  Samasa Desert by Cesar-Hernandez  Cano and Link by Cesar-Hernandez  Won't you play hide 'n' seek? by Cesar-Hernandez  Let me have that rope, please! by Cesar-Hernandez  You can be the first to ride my raft by Cesar-Hernandez  You can be the first to ride my log raft by Cesar-Hernandez  Shipwrecked Link by Cesar-Hernandez  And I saw some weirdo with this Shovel by Cesar-Hernandez  That's so funny, I forgot to laugh by Cesar-Hernandez  Like a bird I once saw, fly off somewhere by Cesar-Hernandez  In  exchange... I know! How's this? by Cesar-Hernandez  Lazily playing guitar while gazing at  the moon by Cesar-Hernandez  Your body must express the passion! by Cesar-Hernandez  Mermaid suit by Cesar-Hernandez  I can't allow a child like you to pass! by Cesar-Hernandez  You  can't intend to end your dear friend's life! by Cesar-Hernandez  You'll regret making me show my true might! by Cesar-Hernandez  Sword fight training by Cesar-Hernandez  How did I know your name? by Cesar-Hernandez  Roc's Feather by Cesar-Hernandez  What a fearsome beast! by Cesar-Hernandez  Bottle Grotto by Cesar-Hernandez  Someone needs a bath by Cesar-Hernandez  All right, come here and I'll rub it on you! by Cesar-Hernandez  Dream Shrine by Cesar-Hernandez  Is this Link's big chance? by Cesar-Hernandez  When I discovered you, my heart skipped a beat! by Cesar-Hernandez  Link found a Secret Seashell! by Cesar-Hernandez  The waves took a very important necklace... by Cesar-Hernandez  Evil dream in Koholint by Cesar-Hernandez  Red for offense, blue for defense by Cesar-Hernandez  You will be lost too, if the Wind Fish wakes! by Cesar-Hernandez  Yow! That was a surprise! by Cesar-Hernandez  Link's dream girl by Cesar-Hernandez  You can never defeat us!!! by Cesar-Hernandez  We were born of nightmares... by Cesar-Hernandez

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Aquamentus slayer by Cesar-Hernandez

The Hyrule Fantasy. 1986.
The Adventure of Link. 1987.

The adventure of Link by Cesar-Hernandez  A sleeping spell was cast on Princess Zelda by Cesar-Hernandez  Know the strengths of the enemy well by Cesar-Hernandez  Link casts Fairy by Cesar-Hernandez  Hello, nurse! by Cesar-Hernandez  Level 8 strength by Cesar-Hernandez  Ultimate test of courage by Cesar-Hernandez  You saved Hyrule and you are a real hero! by Cesar-Hernandez

  • Reading: Jack Kirby's The Fourth World
  • Watching: Young Justice
  • Playing: The Caligula Effect
  • Drinking: Water
It is February. That is the month of Friendship. And romantic Love, too, but people very often forget the Friendship part, which is sad.

I will have a sale during this month.

First of all, here is a link to the rules for my commissions:…

On this February, all commissions of two characters will be priced as if they were of only one character. That is a $10 discount.

This will apply for one commission per customer. The commission must be requested during this month for the offer to be valid.

I hope I can hear from you. And if you know of someone who may be interested in this, please let them know.

Thanks, and happy February.

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  • Watching: Young Justice
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I cannot take credit for these ideas, which come from RMan021's commissions, but I can certainly like them.

This is all a Dungeons & Dragons style training campaign created by Dungeon Master Doug Ramsey (also known as Cypher) for his teammates the New Mutants. I hope you like it and join them in their quest.

Commission 0035, Wolfsbane and Warlock by Cesar-Hernandez   Commission 0038, Magik and Sunspot by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0039, Black Cat and Mirage by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0040, Black Cat and Wolfsbane by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0042, Warlock and Phoenix by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0047, Storm, Mirage and Cannonball by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0049, Magik and Wolverine by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0051, Firestar and Sunspot by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0056, Cannonball and Lila Cheney by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0060, Wolfsbane and Psylocke by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0064, Karma and the Scarlet Witch by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0069, Magma and Invisible Woman by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0074, Cypher and Warlock by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0078, Catseye by Cesar-Hernandez

Commission 0016, Cypher by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0017, Wolfsbane by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0018, Mirage by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0020, Cannonball by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0021, Sunspot by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0023, Magik by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0024, Warlock by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0026, Magma by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0028, Karma by Cesar-Hernandez

Commission 0022, Shadowcat and Lockheed by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0025, Psylocke by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0027, Nightcrawler by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0029, Phoenix by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0030, Stevie Hunter by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0032, Scarlet Witch by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0033, Captain Britain by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0043, Storm by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0045, Wolverine by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0046, Invisible Woman by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0048, Lila Cheney by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0050, Winter Soldier by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0052, Meggan by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0058, Catseye by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0062, Human Torch by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0068, Squirrel Girl by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0079, Tippy Toe by Cesar-Hernandez  Commission 0088, Rogue by Cesar-Hernandez


  • Reading: The Avengers by John Byrne
  • Watching: Queen Millennia
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X
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Non-adult content:
1 chara: $10
2 charas: $20

Non-nude sexual/sexy content or non-sexual nude content:
1 chara: $20
2 charas: $30

Full adult content:
1 chara: $30
2 charas: $40

I reserve the right to upload the pictures here and in other sites (e.g., Tumblr, Blogspot).

The requests may only include official characters from published franchises (that means, no OCs).
As of June 23rd 2018, the commissions are open to OCs, too.

I would rather not mix franchises, but let me know what your idea for a crossover is and it may be fine.

There may be cases where requests will not be accepted because of the selected franchise, either because I strongly dislike it or because I am not familiar with it to a degree where I could not produce a good enough illustration.

The images will be 1600x960. See the examples below to get an idea of how a final product could look.

Rhea of Coos Hill by Cesar-Hernandez
Agent Yousis by Cesar-Hernandez
Mera by Cesar-Hernandez
Final Fantasy, Gau by Cesar-Hernandez
She's hot! by Cesar-Hernandez
The Flash by Cesar-Hernandez

Any specifics not included here can be worked out through notes or email.
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Last year I started drawing a series of portraits of Marvel Comics characters. Some famous, many not so much.

I like how the series looks and I will try to draw as many of these portraits as I can, turning the spotlight to many not-well-known characters who really deserve more attention.

Here I present you the first 24 entries. I hope you like them. If you have already seen them, then I hope you will like seeing them again.

Marvel, The Human Torch by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Sersi by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Doctor Minerva by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Spark by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, Wasp by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Madcap by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Ruby Thursday by Cesar-Hernandez  The Red Ghost by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, The Sub-Mariner by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Ms. Marvel by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Goblin Queen by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Mass Master by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, Planet Terry by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Psylocke by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Amber Hunt by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Captain Universe by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, Spider-Woman by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Gomi by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Captain Marvel by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Quentin Quire by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, Haven by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Larry Bodine by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Blackjack O'Hare by Cesar-Hernandez  Marvel, Topaz by Cesar-Hernandez

Wait for more Marvel Comics drawings to come. There should be a few surprises (the lineup sometimes even ends up surprising me).

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I finally beat Tiamat in Shin Megami Tensei - Strange Journey. I am happy. I can finally continue to the next sector.

I also just learned there will be a remake of the game for the Nintendo 3DS. I have been wanting to draw Anthony, Jiménez and Irving for so long, but I think now I will wait, so I can see the portraits for the characters that did not have them in the Nintendo DS version.

In other news, I started playing Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne. I will only be able to play during the week ends, though, so my progress will be slower than usual.

As for books, I was on my second time reading Stephen King's The Stand, but I could not wait any longer to start the fourth Dark Tower book, so I switched.

  • Listening to: Strange Journey - The Eternal Throne
  • Reading: The Dark Tower IV - Wizard and Glass
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Watching the Young Justice series, I am now three episodes from the ending of the second season. I will post spoilers for episodes before this, but please post no spoilers for the final three.

Even though I have loved the whole series, nothing had made me feel the need to write about it, until now.

Luthor betrayed the Reach, so what else is new? Of course Luthor would use an alliance only for as long as he got benefits, and he would have no real interest on turning Earth into a colony of the Reach (or something worse). So no surprise there.

But I was really surprised with Glorious Godfrey! He has been attacking the Justice League all this time. He focused on the aliens to gain audience, but he really targeted the whole League. Then he befriends the Reach and presents them as the best thing to happen to Earth ever.

Since Apokolips's New Gods had already had dealings with the Light, I thought this was an open alliance with all involved. Of course, Gordon G. Godfrey is following his agenda, and I still believe he and the other New Gods would surely know about the Reach's true intentions, but I really thought this invasion was something the New Gods were having more directs benefits from.

If that is not the case, then all of this was just for "ratings" and "audience approval". If he shows he tells it as it is and is capable of admitting he was wrong, people will love him so much more.

So perhaps all of this is just preparation so people will blindly accept his preachings about the Anti-Life.

They definitely have to greenlight that Netflix third season soon! They gotta!

In other news, I started playing Young Justice - Legacy last night. I have wanted that game for a long time, even though I had read what the reviews had to say. Of course, I waited until I got it for a low price. Then I waited until I had watched most of the series, so I would not have any spoilers.

A good thing about having lowered my expectations so much is that now I can enjoy the game. It even does a couple of things better than the PSP version of Marvel - Ultimate Alliance 2 (where we cannot even change costumes or have a real hub world we can go back to when we want, so we can replay whole missions). Of course, many technical things are not very good, but I am managing to enjoy what I have played so far.

And I did restart my game because I read the patch made the later game challenges freeze. At least I could read it when I had not yet reached Sportsmaster's battle.

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The Marvel Epic Collection continues.

Just by looking at the start of this new set, it should be evident what the common theme of these pictures will be:

Marvel, Sprite by Cesar-Hernandez

Marvel, Rogue by Cesar-Hernandez

Marvel, Shuma-Gorath by Cesar-Hernandez

Marvel, Morgan le Fay by Cesar-Hernandez

As for the next picture, it is already in the works. It will feature a green-clothes-wearing mutant who can create duplicates of himself. In a certain story he lived in a future where mutants were hunted by Sentinels. When he came to our present, he wore a black "M" mark.

Three guesses to discover who is this mysterious character, and the first two don't count. :D

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About a month ago I bought the Colors! application for my Nintendo New 3DS. It is an art application where we can create 3D paintings.

I really liked the interface and the results. It also allows me to create (smaller) pics in a very short time. This helped me get a spark of inspiration for a few projects that would take too long if I drew them the usual way (pencil, ink, erase, scan, clean, color).

I started with Marvel Comics. As of today, I have finished the first step of that collection, filling up a 24-pic page on my gallery.

I want to continue drawing more Marvel pics, but I thought 24 was a good point to pause that project and branch out.

I have in mind 4 projects at the moment:

Marvel, Goblin Queen by Cesar-Hernandez

Marvel Epic Collection

Dragon Quest, Hero by Cesar-Hernandez

Dragon Quest Adventure Log

Phantasy Star, Nero by Cesar-Hernandez

Phantasy Star Visiphone

DC, Ice by Cesar-Hernandez

DC Showcase

I also want to work on a Final Fantasy project, but I still have not thought of a name that fits what I have been using as "naming convention" (as much as there is one).

So far, this has been a fun ride. I hope I manage to create interesting pictures for all of these projects.

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I just wanted to feature a few Marvel Comics drawings. These are some of my favorites, ones that felt special when I was working on them. I like the final product.

But, for some reason, they seem to get less attention than other pictures.

So this is an opportunity to share them again and put them in the spotlight for a short while.

I hope you all enjoy them at least a little.

Heaven's what I feel by Cesar-Hernandez
To get rid of a monster by Cesar-Hernandez
Shatterbox by Cesar-Hernandez
Marvel, Spark by Cesar-Hernandez

What does it mean that there are so many redheads in these pictures?

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Hello, everyone.

I want to share with you a collaboration :iconblancaxlobo: BlancaXLobo and I worked on. He did the pencils and I did the colors.

Jono and Jubilee by BlancaXLobo

These are Jonothon Starsmore and Jubilation Lee.

I hope you like them.

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Once again, one of my favorite contests at is here!

My first entry (of a maximum of 3 allowed entries) is based on "Dragon Quest V" and "The Shawshank Redemption". I hope you like it.

The Zugzwang redemption by Cesar-Hernandez

Here is the second entry for the movie poster contest. "King Leo", based on "Dragon Quest IV" and "The Lion King".

King Leo by Cesar-Hernandez

And this is the third entry. "What Dreams May Come", with characters from "Dragon Quest VI".

What dreams may come by Cesar-Hernandez

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Thanks for the anonymous gift membership. :D

I do not know who you are, but I really appreciate it. :)

Also, everyone, I wish we will all have a great year!
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Newest Monster Master picture:

Monster Master, November by Cesar-Hernandez

This is a series I have been working on for some time (actually, it is more like "not working"). I hope I can finish it this year, so I am creating this journal entry both to promote it and to force myself to work on it. I hope you enjoy it.

Monster Master, January by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, February by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, March by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, April by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, May by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, June by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, July by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, August by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, September by Cesar-Hernandez
Monster Master, October by Cesar-Hernandez
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