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:D Finally the summer holidays started! :D

I didn't tell anyone, but I started going to school again last year 6 (!) years after my high school. I've tried to get into art school before that, but they would not accept me because I only copy from existing images in stead of working from my imagination or expressing my feelings in my art (which I don't want to call art anyway, it's a skill).

My second choice was IT. I know what you'll say, it's got nothing to do with drawing, but the common factor here is creativity. I'd like to continue college and try game design, but we'll see what happens. Anyway to keep things short, I finished my first year last week and I'm happy to say I've got all the points so next year I can start fresh without any leftovers from this year. :D

I realized that my last drawing is from January, but now you know why that is.

To sum things up, now I've finally got time to draw again so you'll be seeing some uploads the coming weeks! :party:
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AWESOME! Stick with it! My son just graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Film and Video Production with an emphasis on VFX. It was AWESOME to see him get his diploma; one day that will be YOU! Piffle on art schools and their opinions! Just saying. . .

Best of luck to you!
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I will stick with it. I started it, so I'll end it. Thank you! :D
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Welcome back kerel!:D

Ja voor mij was dat ERG wennen toen ik met game design begon afgelopen jaar..
Altijd nagetekend, en dan overstappen naar zelf tekenen en ontwerpen valt niet mee, het enige voordeel dat ik had ten opzichte van de anderen is dat ik wist hoe je een beetje moet inkleuren=P
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Dankje! :D

Ik heb het geluk dat ik ook kan programmeren en het zelfs leuk vind om te doen, maar ik denk dat wij beide idd alleen maar voordeel van het natekenen hebben ten opzichte van onze medestudenten die dat niet doen.
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I kan het met wat basis bestanden die ik tijdens de lessen heb moeten maken, dat zijn dan Flash ActionScript 3 bestanden. Sinds kort ben ik voor de lol wat met Unity 3D game aan het maken, maar dat werkt met andere programmeertaal. Helaas is er ook duidelijk verschil=P Ik kan dus alleen wat waardes aanpassen maar niet hele scripts effe omgooien^^;
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welcome back,, time to relax and draw..
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Thanks! That's right :)
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Congratulations!!! :happybounce:
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Yay! :iconmoarplz:
Eagerly waiting for your drawings :la:
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:D There is one the making as we speak so prepare to be updated.
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Do you know that I´m jealous? My summer holidays start in five weeks.. -.-
Anyways, I´m glad you´ll have some more time to draw now :)
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I'm sorry =p can't help it. There was a chance that school would take 3 more weeks but everyone in my class was finished in time, so yay! :D I'm glad too :)
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awesome, and congrats! :dance:
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Thank you! :D Sorry for being absent so long :ashamed:, but I was so busy!
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i understand completely! :D i was busy too but some of my tasks included making art so i wasn't as absent on dA (i probably should have been more absent but dA is a hell of an addiction). glad you'll be bringing us more new drawings :la: :D
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Thanks :D One of my tasks was to make something with Adobe Flash and I made a little game, but I can't put that on here... I know about the addiction! ;)
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i wanna make a little game ;___; teach me :XD:
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It's not as easy as it sounds! I would, but are you sure you're up for it? ;)
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i definitely am, but not yet :( have to sort out the exams and all.. unlike you i wasn't so productive and hard working so uni is not finished yet :D
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The difference here is uni and college. (is college the lower level form? I'm not sure about education where you live). I'm not in university ;)
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