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Slippin' Jimmy

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Wow, it's been quite a while since I've drawn anything at all and I might surprise you with a digital drawing in stead of a pencil drawing.

I bought a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet on a limb a couple years ago and never really used it, but then my brother showed me a drawing he'd made using his tablet and I was intrigued so I tried again myself.

I got hooked to Better Call Saul the minute I realised the first episode was out and I love that AMC made a spin-off revolving around my favourite character from Breaking Bad!

Now, I realise that the detail in this drawing is not up to my usual standard, but you have to give me a break as this is my first serious drawing made with a tablet and it requires some getting used to, figuring out how brushes work, what settings do what and also the shift of focus from your hand and the result of your work in the same spot to having your hand out of sight and seeing the result on a screen. I'm still quite pleased with this first attempt though!
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I absolutely love the colours for this one. I feel like the bright colours really are in line with the show C:. Awesome!