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Natalie Portman

I dedicate this drawing to AngelinaBenedetti :iconangelinabenedetti: because she is the biggest fan of Natalie Portman I know. :)

If you are a fan too you should check out her gallery. She has made a lot of beautiful drawings of Natalie.

- a4 lined notebook paper
- 7B, 4B, 2B, 1B and 1H graphite pencils
- kneaded eraser
- reference picture
- ~8 hours
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Wow, made only out of scribbling? Cool!
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This is wonderful
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really cool although i don't agree with the lined paper.
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That is absolutely amazing!
Cerzus69's avatar
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You are very welcome!
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Omg. You are going to have to redraw this very nice picture, on paper with NO LINES on it:)
Very nicely done!
Cerzus69's avatar
I don't know, the lines suit the style somehow.. Thanks!
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Is awesome anyway, great job:)
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8 hours O.o, well you are really mastering your craft, i also really like that you give details like the type of paper you use, pencils and other materials so newbies like me can begin to understand how you achieve this level of drawing epicness, outstanding work :)
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Really good work!! :D:D
Cerzus69's avatar
Thanks man :D, how do you like this still compared to my regular one?
Doctor-Pencil's avatar
oh, you mean your avatar? I honestly didn't recognize you from the 1,000 artists I watch haha, I did before though :D:D
Cerzus69's avatar
I meant to say 'style', dunno how I got it wrong.. =p
But I hope you like my new avatar as well and maybe remember it haha! :D
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oh yeah, all the cross hatching! Yeah, I like other styles beside the realism I strive for? Something about a good raw edgy sketch style totally inspires me!! :D:D
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Hello, Cerzus69

This lovely piece has been featured by :iconthefavouriteshowcase:

Have a great day! :)
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Well done! Lovely to see this style work so well for you while you're from the hyper-realistic camp! Definitely shows your talent off even more!
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Thank you! :D Yes well it started with my brother aksing me to make a drawing of Brad Pitt in his notebook.
It was just a sketch and the crosshatching was a much quicker way to shade. I didn't expect it to be so liked,
but I actually like this style myself too because this way you can still see that they're drawings when you
look up close.
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I think people like it so much because it's an approach to hatching that you don't see a lot; it's quite coarse and heavy instead of the more often seen light, feather-y, close-together approach you usually see around. It's certainly working well with you! :D
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