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MLC - commission

It's done!

Okay, so this is a drawing I did for someone who wanted to give his wife a nice present for her birthday. It's drawn from a picture of her three daughters. The drawing itself is 20 by 30 cm.

I had to make the whole drawing in a little more than a week so I had a couple busy days with this.

In the reference picture there is a red cushion behind the topmost girls on the right. The man agreed with me that without the background the girls would jump out more and wanted me to leave it plain dark/black. It turned out that that would've been weird so I just left the cushion out and drew the couch anyway. When I handed it over he didn't even notice. But he liked it, so that's good :D

- 14" by 10.5" Canson Bristol smooth drawing paper
- 8B, 7B, 4B, 2B, B, HB, H and 2H graphite pencils
- ruler (for the grid)
- kneaded eraser
- tissue
- blending sticks
- reference photo

EDIT: Sorry for the double-post!
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you are a terrific artist... Oops! 
BringMeTheSirens's avatar
This absolutely is a photo. You cannot convince me otherwise. :O
Cerzus69's avatar
You will have to do that yourself then!
Technocolourr's avatar
Any tips on how to draw like this?
sigma1984's avatar
That is amazing!!so realistic!!!I really thought that was a photo..:)
iSaBeL-MR's avatar
Fantastic drawing! Very realist!
Cerzus69's avatar
Thanks again! :D
Lmomjian's avatar
You were right to keep the couch :-P
Cerzus69's avatar
Thank you, I agree, otherwise the girls would have floated in front of nothing :p
Stratolily's avatar
There's only one thing I can say after seeing your work: you are blessed.
Cerzus69's avatar
Wow, thank you so much, I'm happy you like it :D
Amaterasuscorp1's avatar
I can't believe that this is a drawing!!! That's so hyperrealistic! And i love hyperrealism^^
KevinContrerasArt's avatar
Looks EXACTLY like a photograph! Great job!
alohaman636's avatar
oh man, you are fantastic! great photograph effect
Cerzus69's avatar
GalleyArts's avatar
I wish wish WISH I could draw like you! You're amazing!
Cerzus69's avatar
Thanks! Start practicing!
Alxci's avatar
That's a drawing!?!?!? I swear I thought it was a photograph!! Amazing job!!
NutaNeurotic's avatar
acjub's avatar
Insane photorealism! :clap:
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