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Johnny Depp

I am on fire, even though I say so myself!
One drawing finished in less than one day and I'll be starting another one after dinner.

Of course it's finished so fast because I did not put as much detail in as usual, but more effort than my drawing of Brad Pitt that was done in the same notebook. And I know what people will say; don't draw like this in a notebook! But I like it and I don't care because compared to my usual drawings these are really simple.

Also, I am starting to really enjoy this cross-hatching! :D

- my brother's notebook (a4 size)
- 7B, 4B, 2B and 1H graphite pencils
- kneaded eraser
- reference picture
- ~8 hours
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this is amazing. i didn't know you could do that with crosshatching.
Cerzus69's avatar
Me neither. And it's so much faster than the way I usually draw! Plus, this way you can clearly see that it's a drawing from close by. It gives the drawing an extra dimension.
greenwaterbottle's avatar
I agree. and i like this better than just drawing a copy of a photograph b/c the crosshatching style makes it unique.
reubelyn's avatar
The hatching style is really, really cool! I wish I could be as good as you someday!!
Cerzus69's avatar
Thanks! :D You can be, just be patient and keep practicing!
illi33's avatar
Wow! Wonderful job! :)
Dodos24's avatar
This is really cool man!;p:horns:
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very cool style
agfox49's avatar
Nice job, I like the style ....
agfox49's avatar
Nice job, I like the style ...
Kastarnia's avatar
Gosh! is wonderfull! :D I wish I could draw like that too :D
Johnny Depp :drool:
ToOnni's avatar
Wow great work!
Ikuyari's avatar
I love your way to shade - not just this cross-hatching but also the other style you usually use/d, it's very capturing :)
I also love how you get the expressions of all those people correct and making the portraits so lively.
Cerzus69's avatar
I still use the other style, I just have two to choose from now :). Thank you for the great compliment! :D
Ikuyari's avatar
You're welcome, you really have fantastic art there =)
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amazing job!!!
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I like the technique you use and the eyes of Depp are simply powerfull. Great job!
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your technique is simply amazing....
SwirlyEyesHypnotize's avatar
Woah! This is amazing!
DarkElektra's avatar
it's an amazing job! ^^
Great work...but why is such wonderful work on lined paper?
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