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Emily WIP2

Update of my drawing of Emily.

I've been working on the sweater in the bottom right.
It took quite some time to draw all the stitches but it's fun to do!
I might adjust the values a little bit but next I'll work on the hair again.

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The sweater is absolutely wonderful my favorite part of this picture awesome work
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I don't understand how you can do this! It's so beautiful.. I wish I could do what you do :)
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Really does look incredible
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LilaeaBluecoat's avatar
Yay he's drawing again! And fantastic at that as well!
Cerzus69's avatar
:D:D I'll try and finish this the coming week. I've got one week off from school :)
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cloudmilk's avatar
Wow, turrning out great !
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Skippy-s's avatar
Great so far!:D
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SandraSaar's avatar
That sweater is going to be insane. :excited:
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Thank you! It takes a long time to make all the stitches, I might go insane myself!
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The drawing looks life like. Great portrait :love:
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Mention not. You drawing is incredible anyway :)
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wow great job on the stitches!! must be difficult
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It kind of is, but once you get into the vibe and learn what the texture is like, it's really fun to do. :) I'm really happy with the outcome so far, but it's taken multiple hours so far and there's even more on the left side! Thank you! :D
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I understand, graphite drawing can be very time consuming, but the result shows how good it looks. What kind of paper did you use?
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It's actually on regular printer paper.. :ashamed: I don't want to do that anymore, but I started it over two years ago and didn't feel like doing the outlines again.
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I think it's the technical skill aspect that counts,,, it looks beautiful. thanks for replying ^^
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