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Emily - WIP

This is a drawing of a lovely girl I know named Emily. I had promised to draw her over two years ago and I'd already done the grid-work and the outlines back then but the detail in the hair and especially the sweater made me put it off.

Anyway, here's the start. Tell me what you think! :)

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Dang. that's all I can say. Holy dang.
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Haha, then all I can say is thank you! :D
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Breathtaking! Omg! :O
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I love the drawing in this stage, the shades of the skin is amazing. I'm really curious for the final! :aww:
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Thanks! I'll keep you updated :)
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Her face looks just like a photo.. wow D:
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This is amazing! Really love the eyes! The one problem I always have when drawing anything is wanting to outline everything, but you seem to be avoiding that dilemma quite nicely. Keep it up!:)
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I actually have the same thing and compared to other people on average I outline more. But sometimes it's just necessary to get a realistic outcome.
Thank you!
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Oh it's coming out brilliantly. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job with the sweater :)
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Thank you for your confidence in me! :D
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It basically looks like part of a black and white photo, it looks THAT realistic!! :-D
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Looking gooooood :love:! Love everything about it, but especially the eyes and mouth.
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Thank you, next comes the sweater! It was hard to suppress my tendency to copy the reference photo exactly, but I found that just looking at the texture of sweater and than making something up goes much faster and may look just as realistic. Plus it's fun to practice with that as well :)
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I love your Style it is rather impressive. Would you be able to have a look at my work and maybe give me some Feedback? That would be highly appreciated.
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This is amazing *O*
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