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Emily WIP 3

I know, it's been a while since my last update on this drawing, but as said in my latest journal, I've got very little time on my hands to draw.

But, here you go, almost done!

It may look like there's a lot to be done but both upper corners as well as the white part on the bottom center will be almost completely black in the end, so they won't take that long to fill in. I've left them empty for now so as to reduce the risk of accidentally smudging that graphite all over the place with the paper I use to rest my hand on.
I'm also really getting the hang of this wool-texture. Contrary to what you might expect, it's actually fun to draw all those stitches :)

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That woven pattern detail is incredible. Just photorealistic! :-)
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I just have one question: How do you prevent your drawing smudged as you work on them?
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Well, first of all I put a piece of clean paper below my drawing hand on top of the drawing.
Second of all, I'm a lefty, so I always try to start drawing from the right hand side, so that
my hand has to rest on the drawing as little as possible. Oftentimes I turn the drawing
(and the reference) upside down or sideways to make sure I get a undrawn spot to rest on.
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Haha, thanks :p
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can u make a tutorial on how u draw clothing..especially sweater.. :/
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That is absolute bautiful - the sweater looks increddible real
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Love your skin tones....
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Thanks a lot! :)
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Ugh I envy your ability to draw such texture and detail! :worship:
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Thanks, it takes a lot of time and patience
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My God!! Speechless!! :wow:
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Thanks man! That means a lot!
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