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Blegh, I was writing this story about how it came together after two and a half years, but it turns out I suck at writing...
I did this drawing for Emily whose birthday is in two weeks, so I'll give this to her.
This drawing may have taken more time than any I have done before, but the time is spread out over more than three months so it's hard to tell exactly how long.
The sweater took the most time though, but you may have guessed that.

Anyway here's what I used:
- a4 printer paper (the outlines were drawn before I decided not to draw on that any more)
- 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 7B and 8B graphite pencils
- ruler for the grid
- kneaded eraser
- reference picture
- tissues
- blending stick

Other stages:
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Pappa60's avatar
beautiful drawing of a beautiful girl. You have an enviable skill to draw :-)
xwelshrosex's avatar
that looks like a photograph...
oMimic's avatar
I love the fabric detail. That's insane. Must've taken so much time and patience.
sasanka7's avatar
Awesome details.
Easecon's avatar
wow i was gonna compliment you on how much Beautie there is on this photograph not just realistic but sooo beautiful you really(!) got me fooled i fell in love with a drawing wow ... makes me feel .. i dont know just realize you easy my heart can be fooled ... STILL SO BEAUTIFUL! :D true art
BringMeTheSirens's avatar
Holy freaking dang.
JoseSiul's avatar
 AWESOME! Excellent detail.
13xXReaperXx13's avatar
wow, how did you did you drew the sweater ? 
otong666's avatar
truly amazing... I do amaze with your patience... its a very, very (1000 x) very nice drawing...
Elitzia's avatar
Showed this to my buddy. 
*translated* Me: Look at this amaaazing drawing... it's sick
Buddy: It's a photography
Me: No, it's a drawing. A SICK drawing.
Me: Drawing.
Buddy: It. Is. A. Photograaaaaaaaaph.
(keeping on like this for a little while)

EseMenace's avatar
might as well use a camera
irahelena's avatar
It may took you long, but it turns out to be worth the time you spend on this drawing. Concratulations!!!!
maniacrazor's avatar
Holy moly!! ITs SO AWESOME!
AprilLikesToDraw's avatar
this is utterly beautiful, i thought it was a photograph at first and then when you mentioned the jumper in the description i couldnt stop looking at it hahaI think I've fainted.
did you use a white pencil at any time, like for highlights in the eyes?
MilkshakeMelanie's avatar
this is amazing O.O
jstreel's avatar
Amazing... simply amazing...
vanceinfinity's avatar
pencil and a brilliant mind!! Wow!! amazing art!!
RostislavDudchenko's avatar
do you have a photo of this or video?
esayelemay's avatar
I don't usually say this about drawings but this one really does look like a photograph, it just has a photo quality to it! Absolutely brilliant, well done :)
paulmellor's avatar
wow brilliant.. fair play if you only used printer paper.That stuff is way to shiney for me to draw on :)
Marci-Darci's avatar
that sweater is ridiculous! great job!
CookeeK's avatar
Really impressive! Not sure i would have the patience to do the knitted jumper! Loved seeing the stages of the picture. Very interesting to see how much detail you put into a section before moving on.
emodragonXD's avatar
it looks like a photograph!
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