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Dwight Schrute

Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute in 'The Office'...

...oh no, wait, it's called 'workspace'. ;)

Again, this drawing is quite small. It's the same size as my drawing of Lady Gaga.

- a4 printer paper
- 2H, H, HB, B, 2B and 4B graphite pencils
- tissues
- kneaded eraser
- reference picture
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This is amazing.
pakchoi's avatar
So perfect. wow
dongpants22222's avatar
Perfect sketch is perfect lol, in all seriousness, it'd be a crime to not favorite this.
DracoPhobos's avatar
creepers gonna creep
paparazzi95's avatar
Holy..! Fantastic!
Lynxofhearts's avatar
Oh my god! I thought this was a photograph! GREAT work, really looks like him!
Cerzus69's avatar
I'm glad you think so :) I wasn't too happy about the likeness..
Are you kidding?? It looks exactly like him! I also thought it was a picture!!
Cybersquatch's avatar
this is
brokenglass16's avatar
this is everything that is awesome.
Tankian-Fan's avatar
No wait, this can't be a drawing, it's the real picture! :O I can't believe it, wow. that's amazing :D great work :P
burhantez's avatar
Seriously man!
More than a Drawing, it looks like a Photograph
Stuff-Swe's avatar
Very good capture of his personality. I love the grayscale and smothness.
unenthusiasticperson's avatar
AWESOME! I love Dwight!
ThaCreator23's avatar
wow! this is amazing! great job! i love the office!
presentlydead's avatar
So Your whats in my printer!
Cerzus69's avatar
That's right! Thank for the fav by the way! :D
Hour27's avatar
DWIGHT KURT SCHRUTE Ladies and Gentlemen! I love this guy! He is by far the funniest in Scranton branch.
Cerzus69's avatar
I know, he is my favourite. Thanks for the :+fav:! :)
Hour27's avatar
sultry-poptarts's avatar
;D Rainn Wilson is one of my favorite people ever.
Cerzus69's avatar
Really? Thank you for the fav! :)
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