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James Kyson Lee, Brea Grant and Masi Oka as Ando Masahashi, Daphne Millbrook and Hiro Nakamura in 'Heroes'.

I came up with the title 'Confusion' since during this moment Daphne and Hiro's powers don't work and they don't know why and also Daphne can't understand what the guys are saying in Japanese.

Again I worked off of a screencap I took myself. This time of the third season. But there were some hard-coded subtitles in there, because of the Japanese Ando is talking. He says: "Well, her powers are gone. This is our chance."
So I had to take another screencap a few moments later and draw some stuff from that, mainly everything below Daphne's face.

Guess what has taken me the most time...

- a4 printer paper
- H, HB, B, 2B, 4B graphite pencils
- kneaded eraser
- tissues
- home made blending stick
- ruler
- reference picture
- 2 weeks time (about 50 hrs total?)
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You are too much talented ;)