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Col. Hans Landa

"Au revoir, Shosanna!"

Finally I finished that nazi-bastard Hans Landa played by Christoph Waltz in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds'.

It was a very nice journey. Especially the focal differences where cool to render. I feel it's my best drawing so far.


- a4 printer paper
- tortillons and tissue paper
- 6B, 4B, 2B and H graphite pencils
- kneaded eraser
- reference picture
- close to 50 hours

©2009 Copyright does NOT belong to me but to Quentin Tarantino, Universal Pictures and whoever else applies.
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© 2009 - 2021 Cerzus69
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Is that Walther P-38?
leinferno's avatar
Je ne me lasse pas de voir et revoir Inglourious Basterds ce dessin est remarquable de réalisme....
ismailben's avatar
Shosanna as well have a great facial to draw , she beautifull face ...great movie ...awsome drawing ;)
ismailben's avatar
( she have a beautiful )*
Lmomjian's avatar
I watched this movie recently and was fondly reminded of this splendid drawing. Love your work as always.
CreeppingDeath's avatar
This is incredible, amazigly realistic and well drawn. I love this character
jacksmith1994's avatar
Only if there was a way for him to sign it and for you to get it back!
Cerzus69's avatar
That would be so awesome!
Fusionofforces's avatar
jesus this is just .. i just can't put it into words, I just love Christopk Waltz, and you did amazing job showing his exact facial features, I probably know that you know that you are amazing, but I will tell you that anyway: you are amazing :la:
Cerzus69's avatar
Ha, you're funny. Thank you so much! :D I have actually been thinking about drawing this scene again, see if I can improve on it the next time.
Fusionofforces's avatar
omg is that even possible to improve perfection? well, it that case I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :boogie:
Jaucher's avatar
I hate the nazi, but you just have to love this badass! :XD:

well done! :D
Cerzus69's avatar
Grafietstift's avatar
Dit................... is een tekening?
Cerzus69's avatar
Grafietstift's avatar
*krabbelt weer terug op stoel* ;)
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My favourite Grammar Nazi.
Pimsleurable's avatar
I take it you've seen College Humor :D
Cerzus69's avatar
No, I haven't actually, what is it?
Pimsleurable's avatar
I caught it on YouTube in the College Humor collection. It was a parody of the opening scene. Check it out!
Mayur911's avatar
wow.. amazing..!!
Freddy1016's avatar
this guy is one of my fav character out of the whole movie!
He was totaly badass!
And i also find him very attractive.
Cerzus69's avatar
I know, mine too! I won't say anything about his attractiveness though =p
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