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Finished Illustration :
YCH #24
Winged Angel~
I use male body here, but you can use any gender for this YCH! ^v^)//

Finished YCH Samples :

I will finish the illustration with full color and full background!
if you like it you can bid in the comment section below, thank you~

This auction will closed 48 hours from the start bid,
Serious bidder only please,
I will accept Paypal and DA Points 1$ = 100Points

SB : 50$/5000Points
MI : 5$/500Points
AB : 100$/10000Points

Winner :


I will accept Paypal and DA Points only.
Please contact me and pay within 24 hours after you win the bid.
I can draw the character/s as a male or female, but humanoid only.
I can't accept furry characters, kemonomimi character is OK.
Payment is first, when full payment has been received
I will send you the sketch and if you approve it I will continue to finish the picture.
Please be patient, sometimes I take my time to work on complicated piece.
And after I finish the picture, I will send the high-res image through
You can upload the picture in your gallery or websites, but please give me credit of the picture.
And please remember that the commissioned picture is for non commercial use only!
(If you pay with points, Please pay within the commission menu!)

©Cerylia Rectris Art’s
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Please bid here! >w<)// and please bid in chain, thank you!

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Congratulations you've won the auction! ^w^)// I just sent you a note, please respond within the next 24 hours.

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Thank you very much for the bid, the auction will end in 48 hours~ ^w^)// do not reply to this comment but please reply to the highest bidder, thank you!

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