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Markov the Black hand of Death

So this would be my Khadoran Warcaster of Warmachine in the Iron Kingdoms Universe. Warmachine is a tabletop game by Privateer Press.

Done in Photoshop, with Wacom, in a lot of hours...

This is a fanart it's not an official minature, the Iron Kingdoms Universe, Warmachine and the Khadoran Army are © Privateer Press Inc. [link]
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Is he an unarmed combatant? Not that I don't love the pose you've got goin' on here, and the general look.
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Looks better then some official art :D
What would his in-game abilities be?
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[link] here you can see a ruleset
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Nice imagery. A helpful tip. If you can, go back into Photoshop and target his face. Enlarge it a bit more so that it is closer in proportion to the rest of the figure and that will help. I've never seen the character, so the proprotions may very well be accurate, but you could try it and see what you think. Great Job!
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Only problem I have is with the legs. Other then that, not bad.
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you're welcome
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I wish Privateer Press would allow you to create your own Warcaster... still, we fight for the glory of the motherland!
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Well, I found a guy who will make a Miniature out of the Artwork :) stay tuned for WIP Pictures!
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original character?? awesome!!:D
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Yep, 100% original :)
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Foreground shoulder pad seems a bit too warhammer and the legs feel a bit stumpy for a human. Lovely colors and effects tho.
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Yes you are right, thats because I also love the Warhammer Universe and I somehow wanted to make it look like Winter Guard Infantry Shoulderpad... but it turned mor Warhammerish :P
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Great work!

May I ask what his feat would be? ;)
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Thanks, I think it would be "Iron Fist" like Starkkov or "Hour of the Wolf" by Harkevich... never thought about a ruleset for him :)
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An absolutely stunning piece of art the flames, snow, and smoke are so realistic, its amazing. What's more, Markov would, in my opinion, make a great mini for the game. Great work!
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Thank you :) Would die for a miniature of him...
Awesome! The style, the concept the drawing detail its all incredible!
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Thank you :) Stay tuned for more!
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