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Welcome to the club!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING TO THIS GROUP:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

This is a club dedicated to deer like, or classic unicorns! So let's see your cloven hooves, beards, dainty bodies, large ears etc! The inspiration for this group is based on the description of a unicorn by Peter S. Beagle in his book, "The Last Unicorn" cervidae-unicornus.deviantart.…

We do accept unicorns all kinds, including kirins. Essentially this means as long as it is not a horse, it will be considered. This is due to the varied nature of what people view as classic unicorns.

Pieces are subject to a vote by the Admins, which means your submitted piece may or may not make it into the gallery. Please keep an eye on this (cervidae-unicornus.deviantart.…) journal entry for any updates to the submission process.

Most any art of any level will be excepted into this club. Please submit your best work; anything you feel belongs in your scrap album please do not submit! Please observe the guidlines:

:bulletpurple: Sketches, works in progress, or pieces from Scraps will not be accepted.
:bulletpurple: Photomanips using a horse will not be accepted.
:bulletpurple: Anthro pieces are discouraged, however accepted, based on Admins discretion.
:bulletpurple: Sculptures, figurines etc will be accepted. Photos of museum art, or sculptures are accepted. Scrappy paint jobs, photos of nicknack's and low quality crafts may be voted out by the Admins,

:bulletgreen: What constitutes a classic unicorn, or what will be accepted in this group:
:bulletpurple: Unicorns with cow tails, cloven hooves, large ears, small heads, slim legs, beards, deerlike bodies and faces.
:bulletpurple: Kirins
:bulletpurple: Unicorns using a base such as a rhino, giraffe, llama, deer, cow, antelope, etc.

:bulletgreen: What will NOT be accepted into this group
:bulletpurple: Photomanips using a horse base
:bulletpurple: Certain anthro pieces; the more furry, the lesser their chances. Sexual anthro pieces are automatically declined.
:bulletpurple: Unicorn with wings or fish tails.

:bulletgreen:To sum it up, your unicorn should have the following to be in this group
:bulletpurple: A cow tail
:bulletpurple: Cloven hooves
:bulletpurple: Deerlike face and body
:bulletpurple: Based in a non-horse, hoofed animal.

:bulletgreen: The reason for these guidelines are
:bulletpurple:There are too many groups on DA that feature horselike unicorns, we want to stand out and be different.
Some of you may have noticed that this group has been quiet for a while and that submissions didn't get through. The reason was that too many of our admins were inactive for the submissions to get enough votes.

:iconnoelle23: has been kind enough to appoint me as the new founder and I shall do my best to keep this group going. :)

Thanks to all of our members who have stuck with us through these quiet times!

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