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addictive science Roomie4

By Cervelet
Last page. Technically the quote should be made while wielding chainsaws but I don't think Celia would care for that. ^^
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Hmm, still some of the nicest cats I've seen.
Seriously.  Your not a cat, your a dragon-cat-thing, totally different.
(Doesn't mean I didn't mean you but, I rather not say that out loud)
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I guess she was born a cat girl that she can't change... that means she can't become human. ^^;
Cervelet's avatar
that's also part of her character developpement.
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*9 months later*

Hmm, I can't wait to see. <-That's what I wanted to say back then.

I feel like I should comment to all of your comics. I'm just now about to make a dent in this huge reply list I have. ^^;
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genii fall down
her fur reflex all beams back at people
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Science is fun Laser Blaster
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I hope the guys (their names again?) ould someday just crack and swomp into loving the madness :D
Cervelet's avatar
Well Mark (the computer nerd) has already done it a long time ago. As for Lukas, I think kind of does but he will never admit it.
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if you look back then you would fined at lest one instenses of Lukas joyning in "the madness" in addictive science Fennec and one were he coses it, in addictive science Boredom.
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Je comprends pas trop ce qu'ils disent ("Je veux aussi un mug" ?)
Cervelet's avatar
Hug=câlin ^^
Emillie-Wolf's avatar
Et pour tout le reste ?
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Hahaha! Turning Genie into a catgirl. Thats a preety strong magical barrier(unless she was shooting at everyone!)
Cervelet's avatar
nah, it's her barrier. ^^
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Heh cute! So many nekos, that's quite the natural defense she has. Guess that means certain experiments won't work on her then. Sure are introducing many characters one after the other. This one seems very cute indeed. ha ha! :)
Cervelet's avatar
that's the last character that was left to be introduced. I don't know if more will come.... First let's see what chaos will ensue.
ZeroConfidence's avatar
Heh, awesome. Well guess that's good to hear I suppose. Well keep up the amazing artwork. The readers are always wondering what will be next. Ha ha! :)
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Well it can't always be catgirls only. ^^
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