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So you've become a taur 8

let's dance.
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For research? No, FOR SCIENCE!!
“How did you get in here?”
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Many stupid things have been done for the sake of research. The segway question must be answered and don't let anyone tell you otherwise (unless they are already doing it themselves. Scientists take dibs seriously.)
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Getting your tail caught in a revolving door also hurts.
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Unless oversized, revolving doors are not your friend. Just swallow your pride and use the handicapped door.

As for the Segway, your insurance specifically does not cover this activity. Unless you desire to go viral on the 'net in the "what were they thinking" just don't...
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Then what's next? Taurs on Hover/Segboards (we just call them segboards where I live)
Cervelet's avatar
we call them "wtf is that thing?"
DrDewott's avatar
and Smosh calls them D.O.U.C.H.E. Boards! We all have different opinions but seriously! A Taur on one (or 2) of those mashines = LMMFAO!
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A taur using two hoverboards would be an even more interesting research project... 7@=Q
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*Power of Love by Huey Lewis plays*

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Does being part animal affect development and overall lifespan?

If two taurs of differing species have a child what will it be?
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that is really up to a biologist to decide. : /
EphemeralPessimist's avatar
Could be an excuse to show their parents... More taurs :)
Cervelet's avatar
puppyman here has human parents as he was not born a taur, the centaur lad was, but I don't know if both parents are taurs...
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Your sense of humor is matched your artistic skill and your thoughtful hilarity.
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The segway had me cackling madly. Bravo!
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oh my god the segway one....
this series makes me really want a taur character tbh xD
wannabemustangjockey's avatar
Hehe, I did the revolving door almost 10 years ago. X3

This is a funny series.
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The segway would be both RESEARCH and LAUGHS!
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There are actual DDR levels that require you to play across both pads. That could be interesting to see for a Taur, who just has to stand sideways to cheat at it.
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En même temps le segway c'est dangereux même pour les bipèdes. ^^
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can winged taurs fly? or or they too heavy?
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