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April 16, 2010
wishes, redux by *ceruleanvii
Featured by archanN
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wishes, redux

Revisiting a painting from last year. This one has always been my family's favorite, so we're going have a large high end print made up and framed. I've always liked the story playing out in the image, but I was never very happy with the look of the setting or the fish, so I've given them a bit of a makeover - trying for a better looking back/mid/foreground and a more magickal looking fishie :)

And along the way, I experimented with making him a girl. If you follow my art at all, you know I mostly paint males, and I've been frustrated by how images of males never seem to gain the popularity that images of females do. But as bishie as this boy is, he makes a surprisingly butch looking girl, and it seemed fundementally wrong for me to change his gender in the hopes of having more people like the image. So an elf boy he remains.

edit 4/16/10: Wow, thanks for the DD on this, I'm so honored! And thank you, archanN for featuring it.
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''I will now proceed to pleasure myself with this fish.''
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This is my favourite thus far. Excellent work. 
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I love the color scheme and overall mood of this.  It's so peaceful.
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Congrats on the DD, this is indeed gorgeous! :iconlascrollplz:
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Absolutely beautiful! Wonderfu detail and color. Everything I see in your collection is stunning - you have a great talent.
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Hello Ceruleanvii.. I removed this from my favorites and re-added it, so it would be closer to the top of my favorite gallery.

I would like to say that I have loved this image for years! This one vividly defines how I see myself (or WISH to see myself). And this one is certainly among my most favorite all time deviations on this website!

(I remember when you made "him" a "her" and "she" was soooooooooooo butch! This was so important to me because I'm one of those called "transgenders".. And your "butch" told me that I'm not yet ready for SRS.. sexual reassignment surgery.. I hope that made a bit of sense)
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Thanks for sharing - and I'm glad you enjoy this image so much!
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Elegant, humble, beautiful, tender, so gorgeous! Your work is exquisite!
there's not enough beautiful men on Deviantart, so that's why you need to keep drawing them!
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Incredible piece of work. The elf looks so thoughtful. And the green is used with brio.
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this is EXCELLENT!
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i vote for elf boys..
i'm writing a story & recently decided the characters would have pointy ears..
his ears are perfect.. :)
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That fish looks surprised...wonder why that could be? :O
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