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Realistic Knelgrim

[EDIT] Since this was due this week, I decided to redo the background a little and make the whole image feel a lot less flat. I like it better now!

I haven't done photomanipulation in a LOOOONG time and it...really shows XD
Then again, I wasn't all that great at it in the first place so I may have improved for all I know!

The next project for my digital darkroom class is to create a fantasy photomanipulation using the stuff he taught us throughout the semester. I was gonna do something different involving a castle and a dragon, but I ran across something that made me decide to make a realistic looking Knelgrim!
...Obviously I can't decide on what his regular colors should be either. I prefer the blue fire over the yellow though!

Knelgrim - Fakemon

He's a scary looking doggo now, lol

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That's creepy, but nice job! I can sort of imagine that on an MTG card.
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I'm glad you like it!
What do you think of the updated version? Any better? :dummy:
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Sorry for the late reply, but I think it does look better! I can't clearly remember the original, but it seems like the front half was a little hard to see back then.