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Acid Eyes

My friend and I designed these tattoos together and now we are permanently bonded by flesh and ink. I can't explain what this means… it's basically our friendship. Kim has the blue eye (like my eyes) and I have the green eye (like her eyes). In the picture hers is fresh, and mine is about 2 weeks.
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oooohh..thats a very nice idea and looks real good too!
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AWESOME design. They're really cool. =]
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Thanks very much. We live nine hours by car away from each other now, and with this tattoo we can be together all the time :)
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Beautiful! That's a great idea. =]
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That's an alabrynth idea, well thought out.
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I've never heard the word alabrynth before… when I try to find the definition online nothing comes up. What does that word mean?
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I spelled it wrong, sorry it's a labyrinth. I was up for almost two days when I posted this. So I was a little incoherent.
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The funniest thing is when you said it was well thought out! My friend and I took many many BTs, looked at our old art, reminisced, and came up with this in about three hours hahahaha
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Therefore thought out.
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