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A birthday picture of one of my Dads favorite character.
Martian Manhunter
They are one.

Both variations are (C) DC Comics

Painter 1O
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so much darkness, if the snyderverse touches even for a moment on where he came from i hope they see the amount of pain hes gone through in life

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Is that Malefic behind him?
JustWriter's avatar
I don't understand the premise of the Martian behind him. Could you please explain it?
CeruleanRaven's avatar
Its hard to explain. However the Martian Manhunter, after dying. Became re-animated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps.
JustWriter's avatar
Ooookay? I've heard this before but I'm not *that* familiar with DC to know what the Black Lantern Corps is but thanks for answering.
CeruleanRaven's avatar
No problem! Check it out its an interesting story.

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This is beautiful. Poor guy. You can really feel the emotion from him. His facial expression, the environment, and his pose. It really all comes together so well. Not to mention the colors are absolutely gorgeous.

:heart: Wonderful. :heart:
Holycrap1992's avatar
... And yet Goyer, basically, took an enormous shit on him and comic fans by not only saying"He can't be fucking called the Martian Manhunter, because that's goofy," but also asked "how many people have heard of Martian Manhunter?" and following that question up with "how many people who just raised their hands have ever been laid?" He then went on to list a few "reasons" why he "can't work" in the DCMU.

... This is the man who is pretty much in charge of writing the entirety of the DCMU, Martian Manhunter included, and he's acting like this... let that sink in for a moment.
CeruleanRaven's avatar
Thank you! I trust you know a little about the story here?
JamieKinosian's avatar
Not a problem. :heart:
[: And yeah, I do.
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Hee, I think I sprained my commenting muscle on the Nuying picture you did for me. ALCDSKISOLOVEYOUBYTHEWAY.

*cough* Anyway, love this one two. Their figures are so bold against the flames!
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kinda reminds me of piccalo(sp?)
CeruleanRaven's avatar
Oh yeah haha. I does look like him. But he's a DC character. :B
N3L-Tu's avatar
:XD: you I was kinda imagining the Martian on an almost destroyed namek there
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