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Alice takes a stroll through the woods.

All eyes are on this mysterious human, except for the Chesire Cat that is.

Photoshop cs

"Alice In Wonderland" (c) Lewis Carroll

Man do i need work in my perspective...

EDIT 2011: Added Lighting and fixed some minor errors.
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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dude. youre crazy.
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insane. actually... I need to get on some meds ;)
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Thats So Cool!I just love it!Come SEE MY CASHIRE CAT PIC I DID IN PHOTOSHOP!
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I couldn't find it. But i'm glad you like mine!
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Oh well heres a link [link] and your welcome!:hug:
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Umm... how awesome! It reminds me of the one in the new tim burton version! :)
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thats what its suppose to be.I kinda messed up though lol thx anyways
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nice job with alice, and i like that the tweedles are there too XD
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this is really good! I love this peice and the chesire cat is too cool
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This is a great little twist on the classic :D
I'm actually hosting an Alice in Wonderland contest at the moment, if you're interested :aww:
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You have been featured in the news article: Alice In Wonderland: Features. :D
Joely!!!! I looooove this!!! It's aMAZing! Miss you!
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Very cool. Really like the softness and the colors. Almost looks like a sketch from a video game. ^^
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I think since it's Alice in Wonderland your perspective is beautiful. It is a rather odd story. But touching up on it wouldn't hurt. :D
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This is awesome :)
great job
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I love this!It's perfect!
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