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Rainbow Dash Rescue



Dashes friends seem to be lost in the clouds and it is up to you to lead them back to safety.
Everypony needs your help to find there way back home.
Avoid the Shadow Bolts as you retrieve your friends and collect cupcakes.
The objective of the game is collect as many of your friends in 60 seconds to score points.
Hit the cupcakes to increase your score by 10 and add time to the clock.

Saving a pony = +100 points
Collecting a cupcake = +10 points +1 time
Touching an enemy = -1 time

Mouse = move
Shift = increase speed

Pony sprites are from desktop ponies
music can be found here [link]

Just remember to slow down for your friends so they can catch up, not everypony is as fast as Rainbow Dash.
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