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October 20, 2011
Tutorial: How To Draw A Wolf by *cerona
Featured by shelldevil
Suggested by AnimalLover345
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Tutorial: How To Paint A Wolf

Tutorial for painting a close-up of a Wolf (or any other furry creature).

WARNING: large file. It might take a while before the tutorial shows up on your screen, so please, be patient. I was too lazy to add a preloader...

Use the buttons at the top of the tutorial to navigate through the slides. I have no idea why the text has turned out jagged and hard to read, so I apologise if you have difficulties reading it.



Thank you ever so much for my second DD ~AnimalLover345 and ^shelldevil! :heart:

EDIT: Due to popular demand I re-named the tutorial more appropriately "How to Paint a Wolf".

EDIT 2: Fixed all known spelling mistakes.

A tutorial I pulled together of my last Wolf piece. I don't know if it will be of help or use to anyone, but there's no harm in making one anyway! Please bear in mind that this is the first time I've drawn something this furry this close up, so I'm sure there are other ways of doing this too.

If you have any problems with viewing the tutorial or any questions or problems in general, please let me know. I'll be happy to help as much as I can :) Other than that, hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn something from it!

NOTE: The tutorial explains functions and options available in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Any older or newer version of Photoshop should still work just as well. I have no experience in any other digital editing program (such as GIMP or Corel Painter) so I have no idea to what extent you can follow the tutorial there. If anything, it might just give you an idea of how to draw similarly, but you will have to find out on your own I'm afraid.

You are not authorised to redistribute this tutorial or the original image without my written permission, or claim as your own. Please respect my wishes.

    Tutorial and original image © Malin Träisk.

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TrulyLimboGene's avatar

I did this tutorial for a Digital Design class back in Middle School! :D

não é possivel abrir o arquivo por conta do Adobe Flash Player q foi desativado, como faz para abrir o arquivo??, tem alguma maneira de disponibilizar em outro tipo de Doc.?

minciart's avatar

Dear Malin,

is this tutorial of yours still available? I downloaded the file, but was not able to open it.. :(

Thank you! :)

DerpyTiger101's avatar

same, idk if i’m not doing the right thing, but i cant access the tutorial

doonser's avatar
dear god thank you so much for this
Steff-Magalhaes's avatar
Awesome tutorial! This will help me a lot!:D
wolfmarian's avatar
Now this, this is what i needed. 

Following a lot of tutorials to do my pieces.

Thank you very much!!!
Mikan-Marta's avatar
Very good tutorial thanks! I'm at step 6 and achieving results close to yours (although not so good, close enough).
It involves a lot of hard work too, at least for me. I'm spending a lot of time in each step. Thanks again!
cockatielwarrior's avatar
U R REALLY GOOD    and omg it took me like 2 hours just to do the fur on the snout XD
rajNdra's avatar
This is what the type of painting I was looking for. Thanx for the tutorial. This will be inspirational for me to learn more. Thank u once again.
KiaraDGPaws's avatar
where is the "Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow" ?? i cant find it D':
SylvrWing's avatar
Wonderful tutorial! After a long hiatus from drawing or painting and being rusty, this really helped me out. Thanks! :) 
YaUniverse's avatar
CF-Paintings's avatar
Did you use a reference to aid you in this? Sometimes I feel like I'm obligated to draw without referencing, but your art work is amazing and this tutorial makes art so much simpler! haha awesome tutorial. What tablet were you using? Did you use a tablet at all?  thank you!!


I see that in the tip you mentioned it's best to use a reference for the coloring!!!
Chain-Lighting's avatar
Amazing tutorial, thanks alot! Will try it out and see how it goes! :3
ZhureStrafe's avatar
how do i make the image layer like paint tool sai i mean to movie side to side because i can zoom or out i dont know how to do daat on photoshop cs6
MadisonLeah's avatar
This is amazing. <3
foxstory's avatar
Thank you for making this, I'm linking back to it in my latest picture!
Maggy-mitchi's avatar
Eellah's avatar
Thank you so much for making this tutorial, I always wanted to try out painting in Photoshop and this was extremely helpful! ;v;
I used it in my bunny drawing and I'm totally going to use it again in the future! :heart:
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Lownleinhigh's avatar
I LOVED THIS WONDERFUL TUTORIAL. Too bad I am using Gimp 2 (I use Photoshop 6 in terms of editing, but I always stick to GIMP for digital arts).  LIKE!
BRBRerolling's avatar
Wonderful tutorial and great explanations. Thanks!
debellischew's avatar
cool. it is great tutorial.  I love it. you did great art work

I used  Mybrushes drawing software   which can record and playback my drawings but I could not draw art so nice as you.:) (Smile)
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