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small sketch on my favorite couples (the most important for me) Naruto ^ ^


Naruto © Kishimoto Masashi
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ahehehhehe Tsundere Sasucakessss 
Kawaiiiiii <3
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This is really cute!!!!
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You are also my favorite couples, I love the drawing.
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Two of my favorite couples all adorable and stuff! :D

Hinata-chan looks the best. So adorable!
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Aw thank you <3 
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kawaiii I love it! my two fav couples! ANIgif X3  Heart 
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How cute :D two of my favorite couples
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Latins used to say "de gustibus non est disputandum"...I like these couples :)
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not trying to start a fight or anything but why does everyone think just cause lets say naruto falls for hina that atuomatically mean sasuke will like sakura?and why does everyone forget about lee he also has a crush on sakura just like hinata has a crush on naruto but no one gives poor lee a chance.And karin is just a big of a fangirl as sakura is,so why does sakura end up with sasuke?i dont get it some of these pairing look like a convienence so pple could ship the actual couple they like without another character getting in the way(just my opinion)
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Honestly I like SasuSaku and NaruHina but I don't prefer a couple instead of another one "automatically" as you've just said...if I like SasuSaku I like it regardless of which other couples I ship or the other couples which are canon in Naruto.
Sorry for the bad English but I'm Italian >__<
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i didnt mean you personally because there are some people who like naruhina and sausaku for whatever reason they have im just saying that since these two pairings are so popular people tend to pick these pairings because they are so popular i made that mistake once...i got nothing against any pairing actually its just those arent my favorite narusaku and sasuhina and kibaino are but thats just my preference
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Hinata looks cute :D
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