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What She Said -- business card

Part I.
Part II.

Playing around with a business card design. I'm thinking I'll get them printed before Otakon this summer, and do a set of three with my different girls on it (Stella, Devi, Mirabelle). Changed the number, obviously, and the logo on the back is my company logo. Not sure if I'll add the company name or not (heartspeak).

To be printed dual-sided, with the front having UV coating and the back (with the info) matte so I can write on it in pen.
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Great one but not looking professional .. I would like to have inspirations from… which has thousands readymade designs to choose from :)

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these card-designs are great Ceri~! :'D so very fresh n colourful ^______^
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Really fresh idea! I like it very much!
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oh, very nice one=)
OMG WHAT?? 55$ only ? haha where is that place?
Looooves the cards btw ;)
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I put a link to it in the comment above. :) Thanks muchly!
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This is a gorgeous looking business card. The texture and colors are sweeeet.
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damn nice too! :D
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I like this a lot!

(And if that's your real name, I'm scared xDD We have almost the same name!!)

Seeya at Otakon!! I'm looking forward to getting one of these :]
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XD OMG coool we are dopplegangers. :3 I will save a set for youuu! :D I really hope I get to go. I think I'll be there no matter what, but getting a table is hard. :(
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i like that :)
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Thank you! :3
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looks good, ceri. i'll try to get one at ota. are you and your boyfriend going together?
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Yeah, Dave and I will be there if all goes well. Are you gonna come? XD
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yeah i'll try to be there. i better get cards from you tho.
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Looks good. I like this one better than the other one! But they are both cool.
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Thanks. :D I like this one better, too.
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Oh wow, I'd love to pick up one of these - they're little artworks in as of themselves :D
cerena's avatar
Yayyy. :) I thought it'd be cooler that way if I did different versions, so they could be like collector's items. XD I just posted the second one, but I don't like it as much. :-\
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Looks like you have a very good idea for a business card!

Just keep in mind the costs! The more flashy it gets (raised letterings, emboss, etc) can get ya. :)

And some require a minimum run of like 500. :o

You plan to go with a matte surface or glossy?
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The front is glossy, the back is matte. :) I found a nice cheap place (500 printed the way I want for $55). :D [link]
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