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Journal #73: The Sand Worm
I can't begin to tell of the horrifying dangers that lurk this land.
I had decided to traverse the desert just beyond the forest's edge. A short while into my journey, I found a small ragged village. They offered me to stay the night, but told me in the morning I MUST go back the way I came. I laughed their offer off and continued my trek into the dark and unforgiving desert.
The heat gave no signs of wavering despite the absence of sunlight. Trekking through the blustering sandstorm was hell and I had begun to fear I was going in circles when out of nowhere the storm let up.
All I could see were dunes for miles. And the hollow moon high above.
Suddenly, out of a not so distant dune a huge geyser of sand spewed into the air. Taken aback by this sudden change of pace I stumbled to my knees in the dirt.
What I beheld I am not quite to forget.
From the dunes rose I gigantic worm. One without feature or distinction. As I examined it, I made a peculiar realization. It was cold outside.
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The Horizon
I want to be the shield that protects the neglected.
I want to be the blade that smites the cruel.
I want to be the map that the lost follow to safety.
I want to be the stones that pave the way home.
I will become the most neglected, to be a more stalwart shield.
I will become the most cruel, to be a more wicked blade.
I will become the most lost, to learn the one right way.
I will become the most savage, to keep the wild at bay.
So even if I become:
                   a hypocrite
                     a liar
                       a scoundrel
                         a monster
I will go forward knowing that I was also:
                    a friend
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I'm scared.
Of you, who so far outstrip me.
Of how you make me feel, when you do what it is you do.
Of myself, and how I don't find myself enough for you.
Of others, and how they must see how I am not good enough for you.
Of the past, because it dictates bad outcomes.
Of the future, because it is so uncertain.
Of the present, because I feel I keep fucking up.
Of everything, because it just scares me.
I'm scared.
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From the Dead
Give me your light...
It's been too long, my will is broken, my means discarded.
I can't stand anymore
I'm done for
My last bastion of hope fled.
My people abandoned me.
I care not.
I'm done for
But still you come
You found me when I was at the end.
And you gave me your light...
Light enough to raise the dead.
And that's what you did for me
You made me rise from the dead.
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Haunted House by Cerecin
Mature content
Haunted House :iconcerecin:Cerecin 1 0
Just Stop by Cerecin Just Stop :iconcerecin:Cerecin 0 0 The Crow by Cerecin The Crow :iconcerecin:Cerecin 0 2
Ninth Life
Walking down the street late at night, Mia was just calmly trying to make her way home. Work had run late and it was well 10PM. She couldn't wait to arrive at home, and in her haste she took a short cut between two houses. And perched on a ledge she saw a white cat. Walking up to the cat, it stood its ground as it watched her. Mia began petting it as she checked it for any tags. No collar, no tags, nothing. With a little bit of a smirk Mia lifts the cat up and carries it with her, if it was no ones she was just gonna have to take care of it.
Arriving at home, Mia lay back to go to sleep and the cat leaped onto her bed. Realizing she didn't have a name for this odd companion, she decided to call it Misty. Because it just felt right for this stray. Drifting off to sleep, Mia could hear it purring beside her. Perhaps it was actually happy to have been taken in.
The next day, and everyday after that, Misty would ride on Mia's shoulder everywhere she went. The cat was always at her side and
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You have 1 new message
He noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He checks the site to see new art from content creators he otherwise doesn't follow. Somewhere he can stash things so he can bring them up for friends later. It's really nothing important for him. But he saw it.
Someone had followed him.
He smiles sheepishly in spite of himself. He doesn't think much of his works. So he browses their page, and sees art that makes him want to write again. Art that makes him want to write for this person. Draw for them.
But... that'd be weird. He backs off a bit. Decides he just needs to be more active so as to not disappoint.
They probably don't realize how happy even a single follow makes him. So he just has to give them something to follow!
So he smiles and clicks "Submit"...
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Taxonomy of the Mad
I believe in equality of human beings.
No human is a lesser creature for the colour of their skin, their country of origin, their gender, their beliefs, their social status, their monetary status or their age.
I believe that women deserve to be treated as equals to men, that neither gender (or any gender beyond the two) is greater or lesser. I believe that women and men deserve equal pay, provided they meet equal standards. I believe men needn't put up a front of chivalry for the archaic stereotypes of the "weak, lesser female" but SHOULD still have the courtesy to by kind and considerate. I believe women need not fit into defined appearance roles unless they themselves perceive that as beauty. I believe in the right to choose what happens to ones body without fear of prejudices. I believe that the accusers must provide the proof, but also believe no woman deserves/asks for rape. I believe men can be raped and abused and go through difficulties as well, and have the right to ask for as
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So Close
So close.
We've always been so close.
Just a short walk away from one another.
Just a turn away from being side by side.
Close enough to apologize for taking too long in line.
We wouldn't meet there.
We wouldn't meet for a while.
But we've always been nearby.
Always been together in a sense.
It's no surprise that we've wound up together in the literal sense.
Because we've always been so close.
Close enough to meet.
Close enough to fall for one another.
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The Exception
Why Don't I Trust People:
When I was a kid, my brothers would torment me. I know that sounds like a lame excuse but bear with me. I almost suffocated when Gaige wouldn't let me out of this small box during a game as kids. He only got up because my mom walked into the room. He constantly did stuff like that. As likable as Gaige can be, I don't like him because he nearly killed me numerous times as kids. The response to my complaints and fears towards this were both brothers telling me to stop whining and getting extremely pissed at me (to the point of hitting me), and my parents saying it's my fault for being upset. So I stopped sharing with them. I stopped discussing my problems and tried everything to push them down. If it was my fault for showing emotions, then I could shove it down. Lock it deep away where it couldn't hurt anyone else. This worked for a while. Now, when I was a kid in school, I was the subject of ridicule. The way I looked, the way I spoke (which was pretty bad and
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City of War
What do you suppose a person without love is?
I imagine someone indomitable. Someone of strength. And of power. Of the purity of self required to make great changes in themselves.
Someone void of petty emotional issues. Someone strong.
Let's refer to such a person as Nikopol.
Quick note on the choice of the name, Nikopol is the supposed City of War where the legendary king Enkidulga ruled. Nikopol was a strong city that was only collapsed by the epic hero Beowulf as he decimated Enkidulga.
Anyways, isn't funny how being in love hurts people so much?
When the slightest sentence someone says can turn you into a complete mess. Charges through all the barriers someone has and just destroys everything. Makes a person horrifically dependant. Makes a person weaker.
In my eyes, at the moment, love is like a wound. One that festers and rots uncontrollably. Once you think you've dealt with it, you find that disgusting rot in a new place. It never goes away. As strong as you can make yourself you
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I wish to excise from myself fear; so it might never rob me of my abilities again.
I wish to excise from myself jealousy; so it might never make me feel uncontrolled.
I wish to excise from myself love; so it might never do me harm again.
I wish to excise from myself doubt; so it might never halt my actions.
I wish to excise from myself lust; so it can never make my mistakes for me.
I wish to excise from myself boredom; so I might never become languid again.
I wish to excise from myself hurt; so it might never rear it's ugly head again.
I wish to excise from myself intelligence; so I never overthing something again.
I wish to excise from myself anxiety; so I never hesitate with my proceedings.
I wish to excise from myself attraction; so I never mistake attractive for good.
I wish to excise from myself bias; so I can be a fair and sagacious person.
I wish to excise from myself pride; so I might never feel entitled.
Hence forth I will deny myself the right to feel such things until I can
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Retrospective: 25/02/10 - 19/10/13
February 25th 2010
And I'll awake to the sight of the stars, and I'll sleep on the light of the sun. And where I dream there will be no one, and where I think there will be only one.
March 10th 2010
"The midday sun can eliminate the dark of night. It can happen either way. Night dreams of day, and light dreams of darkness, and the sun is a giant, ignorant mass of gas. It releases a huge amount of hot energy to track down the darkness and set ablaze every shadow... eventually burning up all of itself."
March 15th 2010
What is, is really not. And what is not really is which is not so making it so but not actually so because then that would make it so and it is not while not is so and so is not so is not so and did you get any of this?
April 18th 2010
I am rear-admiral Sir Alistair Smythe. I am the most blood thisrty and strong fighter in the Royal Navy. Unmarried and of no Patronage I am the best. Who will you become.
May 30th 2010
We do what we must, but not what w
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The White Desert by Cerecin The White Desert :iconcerecin:Cerecin 0 0
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I really wish I could get this good...
So recently I've caught wind of people having trouble with their tablet pens dragging the canvas in photoshop instead of painting or whatever tool they have.

IF you're having this problem, there is a fix!

-Run Command Prompt as Administrator
-Input "reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Pen /v LegacyPenInteractionModel /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f" (without the quotation marks)
-Hit Enter

This SHOULD fix the issue you're running into. This input will tell windows to disable usage of Windows Ink. If you'd like to re-enable windows ink; the same input will do the trick if you change the 1 to a 0
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