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Supergirl By Mro16


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Supergirl By Mro16


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Supergirl By Mro16

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Variant Harley by Msonia

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Tlaca by soniamatas


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She-Hulk at the Beach by Harpokrates

Jen and the Turtle

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She-Hulk Dancing by KittyCatKissu


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Supergirl by torqueartstudio


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Zatana end of day by  mro16


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Kryptonian Heritage CH1 by magnusmagneto

Kryptonian Heritage - Chapter 1 By MagnusMagneto Commissioned by Cerebus873 [[This is a female muscle growth fanfiction taking place in the DC comics universe.  I own none of the characters.  I would also like to state that while I have tried my best to maintain authenticity of the source material, many liberties were taken for the sake of the story.  Namely, I am ignoring many of the various continuum reboots, and using an alternate universe of my own.  Frankly, there are elements of different time-lines and universes in the DC Universe that I enjoy, yet none of them alone really gave me precisely what I was looking for. This story takes p

Kryptonian Heritage

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