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Art by :iconserge-fiedos:  I commissioned this, and am posting it with his permission.  I comment on the process a bit below, but the TL;DR is serge-fiedos is great to work with and I recommend doing so.  Here's his commison pricing list:

Open Commissions and rates sheet by serge-fiedos

Here it is in his profile.  Please go and comment on it over there.

Shehulk VS Supergirl by serge-fiedos

First I really have to apologize to everyone and especially to serge-fiedos!  I've had this since 2nd week of January and I've not posted it!  I've been really busy with work and building a shit-load of IKEA to try to tame my comic books.  (I have about 40 boxes, and my house started to look like a comic book store exposed. I had comic books in every room but the kitchen and bathroom!) Anyway, I'm finally up to date, with all the stuff built and etc. Now I just have to get caught up with bagging and boarding 3 months of comics and getting inventory of my old comics moving again.  I need to be ready for convention season to know what comics I need to buy!  Anyway, now I have a comic book room, and some nice shelves for short-boxes and a test cabinet to store comics.  I'm a good way in converting some long boxes over, and I finally have some room to get caught up on current comics.

Sadly I spent most of my $$ last year buying comics instead of commissioning.  Commissioning takes time to set up and manage and I really didn't have it.  I also needed some Batgirl, Supergirl Wonder Woman, and a few Ms.Marvel/Captain Marvel comics and due to movie and TV Shows they were quickly rising in price so I just bought everything I needed.  (some of them are now worth significantly more than I paid for them.  Not that I will ever sell any of them, just that I'd probably would have to pay 50% more today than when I bought them.)  Now if the title is She-Hulk, Supergirl, Batgirl, Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel (when it's a chick and not a dude) ... I have it. Wonder Woman IIRC I have everything after WW Vol 2 #100 (with a lot of older ones too).  I still have some older Adventure and Action comics I need of Supergirl, that'll probably take me a LONG time to work through though since they start to get ridiculously expensive as you approach Action Comics #252. I probably have all the Adventure, Action comics, and Superman Family where she has a solo Adventure from the mid-70's though.

I'm close to having every issue where She-Hulk or Thundra appears. (I don't worry about reprints and multiple covers though.  And ... I am probably there for THundra if I don't count comics where she appears in a one panel flash back.  I've been too busy to check on that since the last round of comics buying.)

ANYWAY, sorry this took so long.

serge-fiedos is a really great guy to work with.  Very fun and he kept me apprised every step of the way.  If you like his art, I absolutely recommend working with him.  I have this one, and a Zatanna that you can go see in his feed RIGHT NOW.  I'll try to post it tomorrow.  But ... there's been a death in my family so I have to scurry and get things ready to drive two states over to attend the service.  I also have a few other things to post so hopefully I'll get all this done this week!

I'm really happy on how this one came out.  I wanted a few more complex illustrustrations .. .things that are more than just a pin-up like shot, or a single person with a simple background.  This is full illustration with a lot of people flushing out the scene.  As I said, man I'm overjoyed with this!

First off, Supergirl is nice and peppy.  She's just wonderful, with a bit of her strength showing with holding the stop sign.  She's showing her youth (have I ranted her on how old Supergirl is?  I should do that some day.  If you can tell, i have a lot of comics of hers from the 70's and that sets how old I think she is when you say "Supergirl". Hint: she'd had a few jobs after getting her masters degree.)  ANYWAY, using more modern aging, she'd be powerful and young, and she's got that all here. I love her just hovering too .. it shows how unearthly her flying power is.  She's not generating thrust that is pushing her up, she's just floating. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, "She floated in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't."   The only thing working on her is wind. I love all these details.

Shulkie... man i love serge-fiedos's She-Hulk.  She's feminine but has some muscles on her arms.  Spot on to one of the ways I love to commission her. Just gorgeous. 

But what i think makes this image are the background details. Batman sitting on the lamppost.  And old guy with a bird on his head.  All the odd expressions.   The cab driver who is all upset ... despite the fact that it looks like he clipped out a stop sign and She-Hullk had to save his car.

The kids in the car are just wonderful.

And look at all that detail of the underside of the cab!   And (as it should be) it doesn't look like the cab weighs anything, as to She-Hulk it doesn't. ;-)  The wheels are even hanging down lower than they'd be sitting the ground (just as the would if the car was lifted into the air).

As I said, I'll try to publish a few things this week ... but I might fail.

Love to hear what you think!  And remember to go over to serge-fiedos's page and comment there!  He might see this one and read your comments but it's really nice for an artist to get some feedback from people.

Also, get a commission from him! ;-)

Supergirl and Batman (c) DC Comics
She-Hulk (c) Marvel Comics
Art (c) by serge-fiedos
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TheCosmicBeholderProfessional Traditional Artist
Lovely piece! Both of them really get the character right, and all the details make the piece so rich! It is much better than just focusing on the two main characters.
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I really do like how this one turned out for all those reasons.
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 THANK YOU, Thank You kind artist - it's the team up one never knew I always wanted!:happybounce: 
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 well i'm not the artist, just the one who commissioned it. ;-)

Glad you enjoyed it!
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 So am I - please do allow me to commend you on your impeccable taste in artists and subjects.Nod 
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that's so sweet seeing supergirl and she-hulk having a good respect for each other.
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indeed.  indeed.

I like cooperation more than fighting.  (Though a good fight is great now and then too.)
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That's funny, me too, I love a good cooperation between heroes(despite it being boring by some standards of others), but I do love a good crossover catfight.
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Leo-SungodHobbyist General Artist
I see batman, but where is Stan lee?
cerebus873's avatar
Heh.  Good question!

I suspect he shaved his mustache and he's the guy with the bird on his head. ;-)
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95blckfirebirdHobbyist Artist
So cool!
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Glad you liked it!
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Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Oh Wonderful Work!Love  
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks!  I was really happy with it.

I hope you've been well!!
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
Nice partnership
cerebus873's avatar
Well, other than a bit of talk up front, I'd say this is all Serge-fiedos.  I just told him "action scene" and we settled on SG and Shulkie.  And then I let him create.
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Magnificent !
cerebus873's avatar
C'est vrai!

(about all the French I remember from High School.)
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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer
Fantastic.  :heart:
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Glad you liked it!
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serge-fiedosProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for the kind words and the feature, i had fun on those two pieces :-)
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