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Zatanna from Young Justice by shamserg

Art by the mighty shamserg   I commissioned this from him, posting with permission.  In his profile:

Had this for awhile but I forgot to ask if I could post it.  Recently commissioned some more work from him, so I asked and so now I'm posting it.

I don't comment on the speed an artist does work, because it's not relevant to me. Art takes as long as it takes  Some have a long queue, so you have to wait. Some that's true for, but you know where you are at any time due to excellent updates.  Some art also just takes time.  NONE of the artists I've commissioned from have I had any time problems with.  (Or I should be exact: all the ones that took a long time, it was very clear up front that it was going to be before I sent any money/committed too much time)  BUT, that said, shamserg is FAST.  I got two images from him with a super fast turn around.  Getting some more and it took a day or so, and the sketch shows up.  I say "I like it" and go to sleep.  Wake up in the middle of the night.  Line Art.  Flat colors.  Say "looks cool".  Go back to bed.  Wake up. Have finished work.  I'll probably post it tomorrow/day after.  I try not to post too much too fast.

I loved Young Justice, Zatanna was great on the show in both seasons.  shamserg had done some excellent drawings of the other members but NO ZATANNA.  So I had him fix that problem.  A classic case of me watching an artist, and making a request to them because of the other things that they've drawn.  BTW, I think his Cassie (Wonder Girl) is top notch and it's one of my favorites of her.  

Zatanna (c) DC Comics. 
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Thanks.  I love what Shamserg did here.
very cite version of Zatanna
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I really loved her in Young Justice.   (Loved the entire show!)

also love Shamseg's art of them.   Check out his Wonder Girl.  It's fantastic.
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Yeah.  You should at least check out the linked Wonder Girl. I LOVE that and it made me commission him.

and he's like INSANE fast.  Like I commissioned 3 things off him < 2 days ago, and I already have the first one ... and I think part of the delay was just timing change differences between here and Russia.

So, there will be 4 more things I'm posting of his (one you can see if you visit his gallery).
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That's pretty fast.  :)
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This morning I woke up to #2 done already.  So as I said: I don't choose artists due to speed, or comment on it.  But I guess when it's freaky fast, I probably should say something.  Clc1997 was pretty astoundingly fast, I think most of the stuff I got was done in a few days -- and doubly so for his style of art.

Though also sometimes turn around times vary.  One time, you hit the artist in the right lull in their personal life, they also get an idea for the piece quickly, and BAM, work done.  Other times, it might take awhile.  For me, anything < 1 week?  That's pretty fast, and more than I expect.  It's not like I'm paying professional rates.

I see I'm not due to post again until tomorrow.  I'll probably get impatient and post something today again.  Have to check the pipeline, to see if I can keep up the one every other day if I let something out early. ;-)

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Hey, when they get on a roll like than and turn out really awesome work, why not let them roll?  :)
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Oh, I most definitely let them roll.

And sometimes I commission 2-3 things at a time, simply to let the artist figure out the best timing to do all the work.  ( A few seem to feel rushed, I am trying for the opposite.  Just work when you can/feel like it, and get the work done.

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You are far more into the commissioning stuff than I am, love.

This recent rush of mine has been not just because I had the cash, but ... I wanted to try and share some of my good fortune with the art community here.  :)
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Well, for some reason I'm on a kick.  I'll probably slow down for a bit after this month.  We'll see.  I'll let the new job determine a new budget.  And maybe I'll convince myself to take more freelancing work (something I should do anyway) by telling myself I an use a certain % of that freely only for art.

I do really enjoying commissioning things and seeing what becomes of it.  And I enjoy encouraging artists to create.  Some times that's with comments.  Sometimes it's with a commission. ;-)

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