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Zatanna by StacyRaven

Art by Stacy Raven :iconstacyraven:  This is something I commissioned from her, and I'm posting it with her permission.

Here's the line art (she's ok with people coloring it, but read her page for the conditions, they're all simple and rational), as well as some stages, and a link the color version in her profile.

Zatanna - Line Art by StacyRaven Zatanna - Stages - From Sketch to Finish by StacyRavenZatanna - Colors by StacyRaven

If you've been through my Gallery you'll be able to tell that StacyRaven is one of my favorite people on DeviantArt.  I've used her to ink and color several of the pencil art that I've commissioned.  I've been MORE than happy with everything she's done.  She adds to that by being super-fun to work with.  Getting an email from her is always great and even better when it contains artwork.

I really love that we've sent so many emails back and forth that when I was writing back to her about another piece of art, and I told her to GO LOOK NOW at one of my recent commissions, she immediately went and looked it and then dragged her fiancé to go look at it...and then forgot to finish reading my email until hours later.  Yes it was that good.  Not to many people actually DO what I tell them to, even when it's what they should be doing, that, it makes me laugh that she did EXACTLY what I asked her to, and then got sidetracked by the art, Just like I did when I saw it the first time.  As I knew she would.   That's one of the MANY reasons that I think she's awesome.  (For those wondering which one it is, it's Supergirl, Dressed in a tie-died t-shirt by the amazing Elizabeth Torque, she's yet another person on DA that I just adore.)

But this one, this is a bit special.  Stacy mostly takes inking and coloring commissions, and she's been working on her drawing.  So I've been after her for just about the entire time I've been commissioning her to accept some drawing commissions.  And FINALLY, she does, and let me tell you, once I got back to my computer, I clicked "new email" and sent her a note right away.  (Not sure but I might have been first in line).

Talked a bit, and easily setting on Zatanna.  (Uh, go to my gallery and search for Zatanna, I think she's #2 on the commission list, beating out Supergirl.  Might have changed.)  I think it's my mission to get every artist on DA to draw She-Hulk and Zatanna.  And if I'd ever win the lottery, I'd probably just leave that as a standing offer (I'd do so now, but I don't have enough money to fund that!)  But hey, if you want to try drawing a giant green chick with some muscles, you can always see if I'll pay your for it. (I might, I have a looooooooong list that I'll never get through. If I'm following you, and you're an artist, I have considered how/when/where I could get you to draw one of those two, or MAYBE someone else, but likely one of them.)

Also, if you liked the story I published a bit ago you probably have Stacy to thank for it, as she told me that I should be writing.  So I wrote something.  (as well as wrote more than a few journals too).

I've wanted to see what Stacy would make for me, and I got my chance.  I think I might have jumped up and down a bit BEFORE I made the email.  And, oh boy am I happy happy with the results!  I always love Stacy's coloring, but I love her rendition of Zee here.  Zatanna is often drawn more mysterious (and I do LOVE her that way) but she's a bit more fun loving here, and I LOVE that too. I think this stands out against the other Zee's in my gallery in a good way (but I think i love them all, because love isn't a zero sum game).  I REALLY love the coloring.  I love the bright colors of the magical effects against the black and the black and white of Zatanna's uniform.

And, fishnets.  Need I say more?

But hey, let me know what you think about it.  And please go tell Stacy what you think too, because artists LOVE to hear people appreciate their art.

Sorry I've been in a commissioning dry spell.  I have a few things out.  Some from a bit back. I've not done too much lately.  But, I am working with AberrantKitty on something -- got few ideas today and they were AH-MA-ZING.   I've been a bit -- blah, and I'm finding it hard to get my spark about commissioning.  For awhile there it was just flowing, and now I'm having a hard time concentrating, it's like i have commissioners block.  So glad I eventually emailed AberrantKitty, as she too is one of my favorite people.  I wanted to figure out something AWESOME, and I was blanking. But just sending the email and talking and listening as we bounced ideas back and forth was enough, she sent me GREAT ideas and I think I almost cried when I saw the email last night, because they were ALL better things than I was thinking about, and they were all PERFECT.

Between that and Stacy's Zatanna here, I'm hoping that I can get motivated to commission something else.  (I have like 10 people on the "I need to figure out what to do" list.)

Not sure what i'm going to do next, but I definitely need to get a commission rolling before I go out of town this weekend.  I mean I'll have internet but I probably won't pay to close attention, but I'd love to deal with some ART.

Zatanna (c) DC Comics
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Glad you liked it!

Tracy does a lot of coloring and inking, this is her doing the original pencils as well.  I love how it all came out.
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Can't put into words how gorgeous this is.

Amazing work on the colour streams and the shower of stars falling from her hat; it just makes the art ... forgive the horrible pun Sweating a little... ... Magical!

The fact that it also stars the lovely Zatanna is an added bonus :D (Big Grin) 
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Awww Thank you, wow, that's a lovely comment. Thanks! :hug:
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
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Thanks for the comment.

I love StacyRaven's art (and she's a cool person too!). I summoned her so she'll see your nice comment. :-)
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
I can see why you like her art, i've just had a quick look at her Gallery, and there is amazing work everywhere! I'll have to remember to put some time aside to do some faving. :) (Smile) 
TracyWong's avatar
That was, indeed, a great comment! I really appreciate you summoning me to read it. It makes me feel good when I see people who've appreciated the details and who like what I've done! :D And particularly on my drawing, since I'm not that good at it yet. 
cerebus873's avatar
Ah!  Thanks for appearing!  I knew you'd enjoy the comment, had to pass it along.

I wonder if any artist actually thinks they are good, and mostly sees faults that only they can see.  This is excellent on all levels.  It makes me happy to look at it. ^_^
TracyWong's avatar
PS - I had to add this to my favorites so that on days when I'm feeling sad or unwell I can find it easly to go back and read the amazing things you said! I feel so much better after reading what you wrote. You made me tear up. 
cerebus873's avatar
You are good people. :-)

I hope you feel better. I'm happy my words have provided you with some solace. Certainly your words and art have done so many times for me.

Sometimes I pull out She-hulk on the Beach. It never fails to make me smile. And it's the love and attention that you gave it that makes it so special . (And it's one of many!).

And an odd coincidence you might appreciate today. I favorited and watched an artist today. Felt guilty as I didn't stop and comment (sigh, not enough hours). He immediately replied that he was super honored as id commissioned that amazing Supergirl picture with the bullets.... Really, I'm the one who is touched and honored. So many artists have done so many amazing things -- that I'm just floored. But I laughed as that picture is continuing its tradition.

I might have to write ET and tell her stories of her art and how it touches them.

Artists are special amazing people, and they need extra love and attention. I guess we all do -- but I think artists have a way of reminding us of that fact, and that's what makes what you do special and amazing.

Stay Amazing my friend. :-)
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This really touched me and warmed my heart. Thank you for all the kind words and support. I've been feeling sick lately and this really picked me up. You're a sweet heart! THANK YOU! :hug:
cerebus873's avatar
I need to remember to go back and read these comments when I'm down too.

Some days I think I am actually doing my job of being Ted really well. Glad today was one of them. Work Ted was blech yesterday, but he's not the real one anyways. He just makes the money so I'm really glad he's there, and I thank him for his sacrifices. :-)
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Heh.  Thanks!

I am fighting my way through writing Stealing Thunder -- where a woman steals the Marvel's powers.  Only  a certain Marvel manages to keep hers, and again a lot more...

Because well, Mary is the BEST Marvel. ;-)

Hopefully I can fight may way through the first draft and then get it written.  (Writing is hard, but I try to keep at it for that reason.)
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From comments Robert Heinlein made, writing was one of the toughest things he ever did and after finishing a novel, he would do stone masonry to relax!
cerebus873's avatar
heh. yeah.

well, at least I got ONE story out.  And i'm fighting through the next one.
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Z looks great. :iconstacyraven: did
an amazing job with her.

Fishnets :D
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Waaaah! its so beautiful

true deviantART deviantArt
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