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Zatanna and Bunny by Harpokrates

By cerebus873
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Art by Harpokrates    Original: fav.me/d6ypi63   You should link/favorite/group/etc from his copy. (My commission from Jay, posted with his permission)

This is all kinds of awesome.  Bunny on her ass.  That bunny.  The Arm all the way into the hat.  The expression on her face.  Just wonderful.  If you like it you should probably go tell Harpokrates about it.  Really, this was "and could you draw Zatanna?"   Wish I could take some credit, can't.  I guess I did the all important part of clicking the pay button on paypal so that it exists. ;-)

Ever open your inbox and you brain briefly flatlines due to an awesome overload?  Well, then you've not commissioned Harpokrates before for multiple pieces.  I get an email with this and a few other things in it (I regularly commission 2-4 pieces at a time from the same artist):

Supergirl: fav.me/d6zu6cy
BlackBat: fav.me/d6z2dbe
Mockingbird: fav.me/d6zh54y

(See my journal entry "Day Made"  fav.me/d6ypvev where I rave about them coming into my inbox.)

These are all  posted, only I have more now (getting behind)!  You can see the first one in Jay's Gallery, which you should already have hit the watch button on, so I shouldn't have to tell you this.  But, for you naughty people who have not done that.  Bask in the glory of 80's rogue: fav.me/d70ynmv

Jay is open to others inking and coloring his works.  I'm posting in full resolution for anyone who wants a go.  (Eventually I'll commission someone to do it.)

If you ink/color it: 1) Make sure you give proper credit to the artist (that means crediting him by name as well as providing a link to his DA page). 2) Prints are not allowed to be made of the image without express written permission from the artist. The rules are simple and easy to follow, so please respect them.

And remember -I AM NOT THE ARTIST-, it's Harpokrates   Though a tip of the hat listing of a commissioner is nice.

Does anyone read these things?   Doesn't matter, I do it anyway.

This has been inked by eastphoto99, you can find it here: fav.me/d71jcdj

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I just finished inking this one also I hope you like it.  Here is a link:
zatanna by harpokrates Inks by eastphoto99

I gave you credit for commissioning the piece from Harpokrates.  Thanks so much.
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Thanks.  Awesome!  ;-)

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I love hearing from people who like the things I've commissioned.   Helps encourage me to do more.