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Zatanna By claudiaaloisia

By cerebus873
Art by :iconclaudiaaloisia:  This is my commission, I'm posing with her kind permission.

This is a lower resolution picture (per her request).  She's had some problem with people misusing her art.  I really wish people wouldn't do that, as it reducing the amount of art in the world, and make the world a poorer place.  They THINK they are increasing art by spreading it around -- but if you aren't doing so with the permission and wishes of the artist -- you are frustrating them and upsetting them, which means they create less art.  BAD.  This goes for ANY artist.

Here it is in her profile:
- Zatanna (Commission) by ClaudiaAloisia

I've been like way behind with work, freelancing, being a bit lazy, trying to catch up on TV, trying to do a little writing, trying to do a little clean up of Google English translation, etc.  I'm getting behind on my commenting and my posting of commissions.

I'm really happy with how this turned out.  I stumbled across ClaudiaAloisia via elee0228's two commissions (ended up being three, I'm going to force you to walk over to ClaudiaAloisia's  profile to see the rest of her work and to see the Korra she did. 

- She-Hulk (Commission) by ClaudiaAloisia- Power Girl (Commission) by ClaudiaAloisia

Suffice it to say I really liked those, and I like to support artists new to commissioning.

So, since she's already done She-Hulk, that leave Zatanna as the first target.  I really love how this came out, really happy!

She was easy and fun to work with, and very responsive and kept me up to date.  In other words, really a fun commission, fun enough that i commissioned another one.  Well, after I got caught up enough to reply to her email.

Here is her commission info:

Commission Info!If the slots get full; don't worry! You will be put on a waiting list and moved up once I'm done with other commissions. :-)
I require payment after I start the sketch!
TERMS : Absolutely no vulgarity and/or extremely sexual content. I WILL do nudes, but nothing vulgar or otherwise pornographic. Keep it tasteful.
No "hate" commissions (i.e bashing on religion/sexuality/etc)
Absolutely no fetish commissions (i.e BE, obesity, inflation)
Absolutely no "dark" or "gorey" commissions.
End of terms.
I go through  ! ( )
I accept debit AND credit !
1. cerebus873
2. paweldaruk
3. Toku-Nakadachi
4. samcharlton
5. treetune
What are the benefits of being a frequent client?
- Discounts! 
- Free Sketches! (Occasionally)
- Your friends get a 10% discount on their f

So, I'm on vacation, and I'm going to go back to petting the cat that really wants me to pet her.  Hope you like this.  PLEASE make sure you go thru to ClaudiaAloisia's profile and comment on the image over there.  She's a new to commissioning and could use some kind words and some traffic!  Also, it'd be great if you took a whirl at commissioning her.

Here is the notice that ClaudiaAloisia puts on her images. This means you.  I only get to post because she allowed me too, as in I asked nicely and she said I could.  (Note: just because you commissioned something, doesn't give you copyright!  You need to negotiate this and PAY EXTRA.)  Please ALWAYS follow the artist's wishes!  You are NOT doing something good by sharing an artist's art against their wishes.
Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

Zatanna (c) DC Comics
Art (c) ClaudiaAloisia
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© 2015 - 2021 cerebus873
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She Looks hot and sexy
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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Glad you liked it.   Claudia did all the work, make sure to check out her profile!
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I will and your Welcome
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I love working with Claudia, she makes great things.
robertmarzullo's avatar
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I love working with Claudia, she's so talented.
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Oh wow!  Zee look incredible here!  And I like that this is one of the few Zatanna pictures where she seems to actually have a resemblance to her father Zatara.  Great job!  :)
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Thanks!  I really like it too.

Make sure to check out claudiaaloisia's gallery!  No more of Zatanna, but she's got some great art.
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Sexy looking Zee
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I know!   She's great.
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She is so stunning
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thanks! I really like it, and i feel bad that I held her back for days (I think I have 2-3 things to post!)

Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you followed through the link to the artist's profile and left her a comment!   I'm sure it'd make her day!
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