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Zatanna By Raichiyo

By cerebus873
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Art by Raichiyo33 (my commission, posting with his permission)  See it in his profile: fav.me/d72yjfn  (You should probably go over there and comment on it!  Ditto if you want to add it to a group!)

Yeah, you might have noticed that I like Zatanna and I commission a lot of  pictures of her.  Guilty.

Really love what Raichiyo33 did with this one.  That Bunny!

Is this some artist secret?  Or are they reading my journals and seeing how I go "ZOMG <cute animal>!??  Don't know.  Anyway, I like it.  Eventually I'll have a cadre of cute animals, and I'll commission someone to draw them playing poker...  Except this bunny here?  He'll be winning as he knows card tricks.

Zatanna (c) DC.
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I love Zatanna one of my favourite magicians (besides Scarlet Witch, Harry Potter, Twilight Sparkle etc.) and female characters in the DC Universe :D
This drawing and artwork is phenomenal (reminds me of a Bruce Timm style) :D
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She my fav too! You'll find lots of works I commissioned of her here!
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That bunny! :-) Z in her outfit :D
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:-) indeed.  :-) indeed.
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My favorite part is the bunny, balancing on the cane.
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I love it, greay job!
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I love the bunny! :-)
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Terrific job, she looks great and it's a fun image. I wish she looked like this in the New 52.
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I wish a lot of things ewere changed in the new 52.

And I live what raichiyo33 did with this.
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