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Titania by Didi-Esmeralda

By cerebus873
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Art (c) by :icondidi-esmeralda:  

Here it is in Didi's gallery, please go over there and give her some words of support!  It really does mean a lot to artists when you comment.

Titania Marvel by Didi-Esmeralda

This was part of my monthly patreon support for her.  I support at the highest level, but if you like her art, or appreciate the art in my gallery, you should consider supporting her Patreon.  Even $1 of support is important as it ads up!  Patreon support has encouraged Didi to create and share a LOT of art, it's easy to look at her profile and see exactly when she started on Patreon!  That's precisely the kind of artist I LOVE to support.  I love her art, she's a really great person, she's fun to work with, and supporting her results in more art that I really like.

Why should you support her if you like my Gallery of things I commissioned?   Because it exists due to her.  She was the FIRST artist I commissioned on Deviant Art.  She made it REALLY FUN, and it got me hooked.  ALL the art that is in my profile is simply due to her making it so enjoyable to commission art that I kept at it.  I must admit, I've fallen down a bit!  I'm even posting this LATE (it's from October!!!).  I've been super-busy with work, and not keeping up with the IMPORTANT things.  So I'm going to try to get back into the groove and get some more things going.  (I actually do have some things out, I have to ping the artists on where things are at.)

Anyway, the FIRST thing I commissioned was this:

Titania by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 

That was in October of 2013.  Since then I've commissioned a lot of things of Didi-Esmeralda because I really enjoy her art.  (And she's really wonderful too!).

Here is a lit of things I've commissioned:cerebus873.deviantart.com/gall…

As you can tell, this is my Patreon commission, and it celebrates the very first thing I commissioned off her.

I have to say, I just totally LOVE this.  I have a fondness for large muscular super-strong women (you'd never guess by looking at my gallery.).  This hits my sweet spot.  Titiania is gorgeous here. One of the reasons I did the first commission was that I wanted to see her shown prettier than Marvel had been doing at the time.  In her first Appearance in Secret Wars she was gorgeous after her transformation.

As I said, this is perfect for me.  She's muscular, strong, demonstrating her strength, and totally gorgeous. ;-)  I did a little dance when I saw it in my inbox.  (This is something that happens to me a lot when I commission.)

I hope everyone likes it.

As I said, I'm going to try to commission some new art.  I also have a few things to post that I've not got around too (more things from Didi!  She just sent me a Wonderful Wonder Woman.

Comments welcome.

Art (c) Didi-Esmeralda
Titania (c) Marvel Comics
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© 2017 - 2020 cerebus873
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She looks awsome. Great job. :heart:
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thanks!  Didi did all the work! 

Glad you appreciated it! ;-)
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Pure greatness !!!
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Obviously a you are a man of fine taste and distinction. :-)

Glad you liked it.
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Another fantastic pic by Didi.....thanks for sharing with us as always!
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Totally agreement. ;-). I love sharing too.  Makes all the art better to see others liking it.
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AngsTheWickedHobbyist Digital Artist
nice! she's overlooked.
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THere are a few more of her in my gallery.  She is one of my favorite characters.   Though the Didi ones are the best! I guess I should commission a few more.  Glad you liked it.  
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AngsTheWickedHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I loved her un the orignal secret Wars.
Always thought we should see more of her.
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indeed.  Indeed.  ;-)
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Awesome work!
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Didi did it all!  I just sit back and enjoy the pretty pictures in my inbox.
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Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Woow Ted you are a wonderful personSquee! , reading this post gives me a lot of motivation and joy, Love 
you have seen growth little by little and it is a wonderful experience that I have had thanks to you.
My life has changed a lot since the first Titania, and I'm super happy about it.Hug 

I am very happy to hear of a little dance about the new Titania hehehehe.Dance! 
We can dance together heheheheSpidey Groovy Dance [V1] Charlie Dance 
All this time ah been super fun,
I love to paint your ideas of comic girls.
For me you are the first and kingAll hail king dummy  hehehe
(That's why in thank-you cards always you're first)

A giant hug and best wishes always!
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indeed. ;-)  Glad you liked it.
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
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Glad you liked it.
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