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Supergirl by torqueartstudio

By cerebus873
Art by Elizabeth Torque HiOutsider-Studio.  This is my commission.

Here it is in her profile: 
Supergirl by HiOutsider-Studio

Have you ever gotten so excited that your hands start shaking?  This is me right now.  Because this just popped into my inbox.  I'd seen the sketch and the inks.  But I wasn't prepared.

This is like mind reading.  It's about everything I wanted in one image, together.  Elizabeth and I share a common passion to see Superheroes in normal clothes (I like uniforms too, but I also love alternative uniforms, and normal clothes).

As I've said before, I'm upset with the current DCU Supergirl.  I hate her costume (those boots.  The red shield on her pelvis.  ug.). And she's angry all the time.  So that's why this image exists.  I wrote the Amazing Elizabeth Torque, and asked her for some of these criteria:

- not in uniform
- using her powers (strength, flying, and/or invulnerability)
- enjoying herself
- athletic build

And I did give the "bullets bouncing" idea as an example (among others).

She comes back with this. And the set up is amazing.  A bit of a flex on her arm, some nice shoulders.  I love the tie die and the colors she's wearing.  And I love seeing the bullets in the air.  And she's biting one and holding another one!  Priceless.  So on that score this is a 10 out of 10 for me.

But wait!  STREAKY.  Any image with Streaky is an automatic +1.  So this is an 11 out of 10.  And, all the little details.  The superman logo on the bracelet, the pins on the bag love those.   The bullet holes in her shirt. (I imagine she's picking the bullets out of the air that would leave holes where she doesn't want them.) But, Streaky's cape sticking out of the bag?  That might give it an extra 1/2 point.  So, I think this is an 11.5 out of 10.

And, the coloring on this!   It's simply amazing.  I mean, AH-MAZ-ING.  What adjectives can properly do it justice.  I simply love it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  
I see this on the side of my screen, this is fairly accurate depiction of me right now:

Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 

Should you commission Elizabeth Torque?  YES.  ABSOLUTELY.

Should you go to her profile and leave her a message?  Or send her a note saying how awesome she is?  YES! DO THAT RIGHT NOW.

Here is me: ^_^  (I'm all happy kitty purring)

And here's the other things I've commissioned from her:

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Edit update her profile name and put link in to the original.  Make sure to go over and comment!

Supergirl (c) DC Comics
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GREAT KRYPTON , this is magically good ! Love the cameo by Streaky ; thank you for mentioning in the comments Elizabeth’s new DA address. Wish she had posted something after 2016...

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I seem to be woefully behind on commenting and the new DA interface didn't help. Yes, she seems to have disappeared except for doing some Kickstarter and Marvel covers! I really should try to get ahold of her, she is a fantastic artist and was SUPER fun to work with. Really glad you appreciate this, it's one of my favorites. I stopped commissioning (I got shafted too many times in a row and it sapped the fun out of it). But I need to start again. Nice comments from people who really appreciate the weird things I commission goes a long way. I love knowing someone's day is marginally better as they found something fun they enjoyed.

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Elizabeth Torque's DA page has been deactivated. Do you happen to know if she's moved over to Tumblr or has set up shop on another site?
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She made a new DA page and has a Facebook page.   She's getting some Covers on the new Mockingbird comic from marvel.


Tumblr and Facebook seem more active.

I really need to commission her again.  I love her artwork, and she's super-fun to work with.

i probably should update all my links.

Love grrl power... I'm a patreon supporter.  ;-)
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Thanks very much, and thanks for the updated link!
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this is great, finnaly see superpowered woman without those annoying uniforms.
but why the bullets fly with the entire cartridges?
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I do like to commission them out of costume.  (This is one of my favorites!)  glad you liked it.

I didn't notice that they were the entire cartridge initially (until someone commented).

Here's my No Prize answer:  (Google Marvel No Prize if you've not heard of it.)

My theory is that the criminals are using a rail gun.  The bullets are being thrown out of the gun by electromagnetic force instead of the explosion of gunpowder.  They probably are using some ammunition as it was handy.  It can't be normal ammo (copper isn't very magnetic so it couldn't be fired from a rail gun).  So these are some exotic hard metal bullets, and the villains created a modified rail gun to use it, because melting down the metal was difficult (it's too tough).  So it was easier just to re-use this special ammo "as is" even though the gunpowder load isn't needed.

The rail gun is throwing the bullets must faster than a normal weapon would -- and the hope was the exotic ammo would actually hurt Supergirl.  Obviously it didn't work.
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So they went out of there way to get not only a electromagnet railgun but also metal bullets that aren't copper. So these must be really rich bad guys with super advance technology. Because a portable railgun itself would probably cost upwards to the millions. And therefore defeat the purpose of killing a brawd in the middle of the day becuase hay you can just buy whatever you want.
cerebus873's avatar
They're criminals, they didn't have pay for anything, they stole it from somewhere.

Alternatively, as for rich, using super-futuristic weapons to attack Kryptonians, please google "Lex Luthor".

Even discounting evil super science that is generations ahead of ours (which is totally a thing in comics), Supergirl is an alien and exists in a universe and planet where lots of aliens visit. It's easily possible that the portable railguns are alien weapons.  They would likely even be purposely designed to use a wide variety of ammo, simply because it makes it easier to get reloads when far away from home.

These weapons wouldn't cost millions in a comic book universe.  Remeber they're shooting a woman who can fly, juggle tanks, and shoots laser beams out of her eyes.  Things don't work the same way over there as they do here....

The exotic ammunition probably is stolen, as in my no-prize answer, I theorized they couldn't melt down the ammo.  If they had developed the ammo, they could have made something better suited for use in the railgun.

And yes, even in our boring world, it's pretty easy to find non-copper jacketed ammo if you need/want it. And they were using them because of the exotic metal anyway.  Saying that exotic metal is magnetic isn't much of a stretch, esp in a comic book physics world.
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Well if Lex Luther was there boss and they where hunting kryptonian wouldn't they're bullets be lined with kryptonite. Since that's the only thing that seems to kill them. Also it would require quiet a bit of intelligence to not only steal but operate a portable railgun. So these guy's being just henchmen is probably highly unlikely. The comic book world still uses some aspects of reality. The fact you came up with a very specific way to make your theory work makes it way to impractical for an actual comic. If they're just firing bullets at her why would they even need the railgun. It still has the gun powder in it. It would of been easier to say this was just to of said that you messed up.
cerebus873's avatar
The entire spirit behind the no prize is "there is a mistake in this story, what's an explanation that makes it fit."  So, yeah, I've already done that part about acknowledging the mistake, it was right there at the beginning even if you didn't know what a no prize was, because I said: "I didn't notice that they were the entire cartridge initially (until someone commented)."

You seem to want to be obstinate, rather than have a fun discussion, or even consider what I said. So, I'm just going to kindly ask you to move along.
soupyJr's avatar
How was this not a fun discussion? Also this only went on for 2 comments which is kinda early to call someone obstinate since you only just mentioned that you no longer wanted to continue this conversation.
cerebus873's avatar
I'll be nice and point this out.  The problem is that you don't see it.  Nor do I want to spend my time trying to spell it out for you, esp when pointed one of them out:

You: "It would of been easier to say this was just to of said that you messed up."

When in fact, I STARTED with saying I messed up, which I pointed out.  So, rather than even going "oh, I'm sorry I said that", you completely ignore that, and want to argue about it some more.  Nor is it the only example of something like that in your short comments.

It's not fun.  And it's not how I want to spend my time, which I have little enough of.  So please move along. You're quite welcome to come back later (much later) and comment on other images or have other conversations.  Just give it a long rest first.
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Heh Awesome work here. I also love how the cat is like "oh god we're gunna die"
cerebus873's avatar
I love Elizabeth's work.

and the cat is Streaky ... He has Super powers so he'll be ok.  (You can see his little cape.)
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The colors of Kara
cerebus873's avatar
Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

Make sure to pay attention to little Streaky hiding in the bag!  ;-)
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I love it!  ... :o (Eek) 
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks! It's one of my favorite things I've commissioned!
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wow.....  so... just.....  WOW!!!!
cerebus873's avatar
curiously, this is the reaction I had when it showed up in my inbox. ;-)
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we hope you make her wrestle an elephant soon.. would be cool
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LOve it Clap Love Nod 
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks.   I just love Elizabeth Torque's art, and this is just excellent.
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