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Supergirl V She Ra By Gavin Michelli

By cerebus873
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Art by :icongavinmichelli:

I have to say sometimes you just know that what you commission is going to be epic.  ;-)

I've long appreciated GavinMichelli's Gallery.  He's got a Patreon account, if you like his art you might consider supporting him.  He's a new father, so probably could use all the support he can get!

He's also a blast to work with, so you should consider commissioning him!

Here's all his contact information!

Website: www.gavinmichelliart.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/gavinmichelli
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/gavinslay…
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gavinmichelli…
TeePublic: www.teepublic.com/user/gavinmi…
eBay: www.ebay.com/usr/gavinmichelli…

I might be strange, but sometimes when I see some art from an artist, I like it so much I want to commission the artist to say "THANKS!" and also send a messages of "Please make more things like this if you would."

For Gavin, it's this image of a Super-Rapunzel he made for a contest at SuperWomanMania.com (it's a really nice place if you happen to like superpower women).

Super Rapunzel and Flynn Robin by GavinMichelli
As I said,  GavinMichelli is a really hoopy frood, and you should consider supporting him.  My first reaction to this was "oh my stars and garters!" he correctly knew I was quoting the Beast!  As I said, obviously a man of class and distinction. ;-)

--- picking up after a brief interlude ---

I had to run as they needed to close up the office I was working at. ;-)

Anyway, back to the image.

As I said my first reaction was "Oh my stars and Garters!" because it's fantastic.  I LOVE the build on both Supergirl and She-Ra here .. and She-Ra is bigger (which seems correct to me).

I love the sense of action here, you can FEEL that in a moment we'll have some titanic blows, the earth will quake and the pillars of heaven will shake.  As I said, just plain EPIC.

I have to say I'm particularly fond of She-Ra's biceps.  

I don't think I've commissioned enough things like this, I'm going to have to try more in this vein.  To say I'm happy with this is an understatement.  This is what happens when you send the right commission to the right artist.  (Gavin's big fan of both of them.)

Sometimes it's good to be me.  When the proofs of this started to roll into my inbox ... those were great days. ;-)  (Made better by sharing.)

Unlike what I normally do, I didn't post this in full resolution.  It's not because the artist told me not to (he said I could do with it what I wanted), but simply because I wanted the Patreon banner on the image here (and was too lazy to do so myself).

If you like this and see Gavin at a comic convention selling it as a print BUY IT FROM HIM. I think he's mostly in the southwest, so if you're in that area and at a convention look him up.  And then buy it and said I sent you. ;-)

Maybe at some point I'll share the full rez image.  (It's SO PRETTY.)

Art (c) GavinMichelli
Supegirl (c) DC Comics
She-Ra (c) Filiation?  but their copyrights went elsewhere so I don't know who owns it.  I suspect the copyright is owned by Mattel.  If you know let me know!
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Great idea!  I guess Eternia is also illuminated by a yellow sun...
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I would think so!

THis was really fun to commission, Gavin's a great artist and a great guy too. ;-)

Glad you liked it!
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¡Go, She-Ra!.
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All I know is that it'll be fun to watch. ;-)
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GavinMichelliProfessional Digital Artist
I can't thank you enough for commissioning me, Ted! And also, thanks for such a warm, complimentary intro! You are a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with!
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Honestly I have to say that my decision to start commissioning is probably one of the best things I ever did.  I get to chat with all sorts of interesting people.  I get to have weird ideas of things I might want to see, and all these talanted people bring them to live, most often SO MUCH BETTER than anything I could have imagined.  (Ahem, like this one.)

And, then when it's over, I get to share the image and get to hear what people think.  (Which is generally overwhelmingly positive.)

Thanks for the kind words.  I really do want the artist to have fun working on my commissions  -- I think when that happens it shows in the final image, but that's really not the main reason.  I just want the artist to have a great time because why wouldn't I?
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AnimeJason2010Hobbyist General Artist
My fictional crush vs. my favorite fictional aunt (next to Jem and Elsa, of course). Although, it will end in a stalemate, it looks awesome. By the way, I like Supergirl better in her Bruce Timm style. :love:
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I think we all have a favorite Supergirl outfit. ;-)
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not enough she-ra work out there
cerebus873's avatar

I have two more in the gallery ;-)

I need to post the colored version of the She-ra by Sean Forney!

She-Ra by SeanForney by cerebus873
She-Ra by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873
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Those are both fantastic works!
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glad you liked them!
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i am in complete agreement with this sentiment.
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Epic is Right !
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I think they're both out of bubble gum.
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
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Indeed. ;-)

Glad you liked it.
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