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Supergirl By Mro16

By cerebus873
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Art by :iconmro16:  I commissioned this from him.  You can see it in his profile here.  Please go over and comment on it!  Artists love feedback!

Supergirl Commission by Mro16

Again apologies to all involved.  I've had this a loooong time.  Mro16 posted it in October!

This was me working to try to get some commissions going again.  He opened a commission window right after my birthday and I thought I'd buy something nice.  I really love Mro16's artwork.  It's fun, fresh, and just gorgeous.  He can also make buff women look super-cute, which makes me love his art even more.  If you like it, his prices are quite good and he's easy to work with!  Commission him, you'll be happy you did!  (Or at the very least spend some time in his gallery, it's well worth the time!)

I wanted Supergirl a bit sassy and showing off with a nice bicep flex -- but not too big.  One of the things I love working with Matthew is that he delivered exactly what I wanted.  It's just perfect.  I love the cocked hip with her hand placed on it.  And she's sitting there looking oh so cute while she flexes the most poweful female biceps on the planet ... and maybe just the most powerful biceps, period.  They keep trying to walk back that she's more powerful than Superman.  I for one embrace that she's more powerful.  (BTW, this is canon in the Supergirl TV show.)  This isn't ignoring the more muscular Power Girl either ... I'm old school and I don't accept Power Girl as a dimensional clone of Supergirl.  This was 100% true when Power Girl was introduced back in 1976.  She obviously had a different body than Supergirl.  Sure Earth 2 had variants of Clark and Bruce, but Clark was weaker than in Earth 1.  Flash and  Green Lantern were Jay and Alan, not Barry and Hal.   PG was more like that, than like Clark. She's acting the spot of Supergirl, but she's NOT just the same person.  One just has to look at her stocky build and her boob size vs the much older Supergirl to realize that PG was her own person.  Yes Supergirl was OLDER than Power Girl before she died in Crisis! Spending a few decades dead and she came back younger and Power Girl had been aged up, so now PG is older than Supergirl.  Which leads me to thinking PG isn't stronger than Superman or Supergirl, I've always taken that as one of the reasons she's worked out to get muscular to build up her strength.

Anyway, take all that in and here is Supergirl flexing the most powerful biceps on Earth.  Let that sink in as you notice how cute she is. ;-)

I'll try to post a Zatanna image tomorrow.  Though life might intrude!

Supergirl (c) DC Comics
Art (c) Matthew Order Mro16
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Always love the pictures you commission of supergirl, whether she's beating up someone, showing how much stronger she is than Superman and other superstrong guys, or just being cute. :)
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thanks!  I love to commission Supergirl.  I have described myself as being on a mission to have all the artist I like draw Supergirl, She-Hulk, and/or Zatanna. ;-)

Unfortunatley there is only so much time and money. ;-(

I love hearing that people enjoy the things I commission though, and I love sharing them with people.  Glad you like 'em.
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really awesome fan art
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I love MRO16, make sure to check out his gallery for more awesome art!

Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it.
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thanks for the tip, ill check them out.
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ThePhantomVHobbyist Digital Artist
damn nice job!
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serge-fiedosProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice one :-)
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SkollRageStudent Digital Artist
Nice work!!!
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well it's all MRO16's nice work... but thanks!

Glad you liked it.
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Nice !

Will you be getting any Mary Marvel commissions ?
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No immediate plans...but I love Mary Marvel so it’ll happen again at some point.   I do have a few of her in my gallery.
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Cute she is indeed
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Thanks.  Any time. 
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Yeah, it's safe to say that I'll be back for more. ;-)
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
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epic nosebleed time.
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I just want you to know you won the coveted "comment of the day" award. ;-)
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Wow really nice work
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Yeah, I love MRO16, i've commissioned him a few times and each time the results are fantastic. ;-)
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