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Spider-woman Breastfeeding by Candra

By cerebus873
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Art by :iconcandra:

Not my normal kind of image, but it's one of those images that came into my head, and I wanted to see it.

I love the mix of the ordinary and the fantastic -- that is super-heros/fantasy characters doing the things that millions of people have to do every day.  It grounds the fantasy into reality and makes for some fantastic images.

Now, the comic has shown Jessica breastfeeding many times -- but she's always made a point of getting out of costume, and then being a mother.  I wanted something more direct, the symbolized her juggling her private life with her life in her costume.  (BTW, I'm enjoying her comic a lot more than I thought I would.)

As I said, once I thought of it,  I needed to see it, and then I just kept it in the back of my head for awhile, until I found an artist that seemed to gell.  I love Candra's gallery, and I wanted the feel to be less comic book, and more of a realistic art style.  Something about art seemed to fit, that I'd get a good image and i'd get to work with a new artist.  (It's a lot of different artist's now!)

I have to say Candra was easy to work with.  Sure using Western Union was a bit of an extra hassle -- something new to figure out -- and the fees were a bit high, but not terrible.  OTH, I'm sending money to Russia.  I'm old enough that this seems a bit magical to me. ;-) As I said, not really a big deal, and something new.

After that, everything was simple and easy.  I sent along a short description of what I wanted and some references, and things proceeded smoothy.  This was fairly quick too.  I try not to comment too much on how long something takes -- because it can be very variable. (Sometimes an artist has a lot of free time to work, and your commission gets done really fast, sometimes not, etc.) And really, I don't usually care how long something takes (I've commissioned things I KNEW I wasn't going to get for 6+ months).  I just tend to note when it's "wow that was fast".  I got a sketch QUICKLY, and the entire thing was done in two weeks, a pretty fast turnaround.

You can commission Candra too:…  (I have to say I REALLY love that Supergirl image, and I might have to come back for something similar. It's what brought Candra to my attention in the first place.)

I really love how this came out too.  I LOVE the expressions of the mother and the child.   I love how elegant Jessica looks here, she's so beautiful and calm.  Just wonderful.  The fabric came out great too.  This is exactly what I wanted, and image of the mother and child showing the bonding that happens during breastfeeding.

I probably should have paid to have a nice background done, but this works as is pretty well. (A background would have further grounded the image, but sadly, I didn't really think about it!)

The slight nitpick -- that's now how her costume opens -- is answered by the "she might have altered it to make her life easier".  I could see her making some adjustments as needed.  Anyway, it makes the image look better because we can see the full logo of her outfit while she's breastfeeding, instead of it being flapped to the side.  This is one of those cases where it works/looks better than the being pedantic. And I as I said, she could have made some alterations. ;-)

I left the nudity filter on, even though I don't think this image needs it.  Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing, and there isn't anything showing here that you wouldn't see in a scanty swim suit. Still, I usually err on the side of caution -- it's easy enough to get by the filter.

Art (c) by Candra
Spider-Woman (and son) (c) Marvel Comics
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© 2016 - 2020 cerebus873
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SpiderDetentionaireHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful pic
Is beautiful
cerebus873's avatar
Glad you liked it!
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SpiderDetentionaireHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother breastfeeding her baby.
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this is truly a amazing pic... my pervy mind would like to see more ...but it's overridden by my artistic critic mind and have to say that her facial expression alone can tell a lot

thank you
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I like your honesty about your pervy mind and that your artistic self said "shut up!".

I really do love how Candra rendered this .... their expressions sell the entire thing.

Glad you liked it.  And, as I said, your honestly. ;-)
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yuviartsHobbyist Digital Artist
It's amazing. ..
cerebus873's avatar
glad you liked it.
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This is adorable!
cerebus873's avatar
I know!  Glad you liked it.
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The-PsychonautStudent Filmographer
 I did a joke scene in a princess fairy tale I'm scripting where the lead's sister, Cela, feels lopsided while she's breast feeding her daughter, Anka; so she turns around to change breasts. The whole sequence is surreal to her younger sisters because Cela continues talking to them like nothing's happened: so Tasha says that she has something on her shirt; and she looks for a stain, only to remember, duh, she has a baby drinking from her. She just shrugs it off, 'I honestly forget she's there.' I asked my sister, who read the script, if that was too racy for a potential Disney or Dreamworks film. She said 'Why? It's funny.' My sister in law said the same thing. 'Yeah, I forget sometimes, too.' I don't see anything genuinely alarming about breast feeding, but I think, for the same reason certain clothes attract unwanted attention, it should be avoided publically. Just my personal opinion. I think it's beautiful in private, amongst family and friends, but, yeah: some places it's unavoidable, like a plane of the DMV, and some places it is, like the middle of Target. 
cerebus873's avatar
A nice thoughtful reply.

I'm not sure I feel that way -- if the baby needs to eat, baby needs to eat.  We probably should be adult enough to let that happen naturally.

I appreciate your reply, because not everyone has to agree on everything, and differing opinions don't mean that someone is "wrong" or bad.  It does take all kinds, and diversity makes things better.  You truely were thoughtful and respectful of yours (and others) opinions -- and that's how we all should be.  (Life is hard, no reason to make it harder!)
The-Psychonaut's avatar
The-PsychonautStudent Filmographer
 Well, we should be adults, buuuut, wwwwell, breastfeeding does involve breasts; and, to be fair, it's not just men who like looking at them. Immaturity is a unisex trait. I'm saying, for the same reason certain clothes attract unwanted attention, an exposed boob can have a similar effect. Just ask Janet Jackson and the Super Bowl. I think that's a valid concern. Especially if you're someone like Christina Hendricks. (There comes a point where enough flesh is spilling out it doesn't need a nipple to be distracting.)…;

 Obviously, however, if the baby simply needs to eat, then I'm not going to shake my finger at a mother feeding her kid. I wouldn't in any case. But I also wouldn't leer at the spectacle of a naked baby-laced breast. Some would. See, it's not a matter of disgust I'm concerned about. More a keen and intense self interest by an unsavory demographic. 

 "Respectful" is a sticky word and I share Steven Frye's legendary sentiments regarding "offensive" language…. My philosophy is 'I won't censor your language if you don't censor mine; and if you don't like it you can go somewhere else.', but why would I assert the aggressive extents of that philosophy on you? You haven't been ungracious to me, why would I tender you any less treatment? You made a lovely picture, where's the controversy? I'm an art major and a man, I've seen tits before. Given my occupations as a profession and a gender, tits were bound to become a subject of study. 
jnh71193's avatar
This is incredible
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks.  I think Candra did a wonderful job.  I'm so happy that others are enjoying it too.
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gh0st-of-RoninHobbyist Writer
I myself found her series rather amazing. A really more mature and yet the same Jessica Drew I have loved for years. I have grown with this character; as the first Marvel character I was introduced to, I welcome the changes both her threads and this new storyline. 

And I do love your commissioned work here! I love the symbol, the moment, and in general, the ambiance. Definitely a welcome piece in the plethora of Spider-Woman favorite pics I have in pinterest and here! :D 
cerebus873's avatar
I think you win comment of the week for me. ;-)

It's always nice when a dedicated fan stops by and really appreciates something.  This is part of the reason I commission, and part of the reason I share all my commissions. I think art is more valuable the more people that see and appreciate it, not less.

I probably should commission Jessica more, she is one of my favorite characters.  And I am loving her current comic, glad i'm not the only one.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
gh0st-of-RoninHobbyist Writer
I will elaborate on this discussion, but here:

Also, check out ... I believe the second comment and my response. 
cerebus873's avatar
Hmm.  nice post.

I have commissioned that guy.  I'd respond, but I'm not sure how helpful the discussion would be.

I do wonder if he's tried the new comic at all, or he just said "shit idea!" and didn't bother to check it out?

But excellent article.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
gh0st-of-RoninHobbyist Writer
I didn't necessarily think there is anything you needed to add, nor expected you to. I just kind of wanted to show you that is the general impediment I have come across when people think of Jessica's new threads. To be redundant here, I am still a bigger fan of her classic. As I mentioned, I grew up with that look, I read all of her adventures with that look, she is damn sexy in it (and out of it xD), and... it's just freaking classic and nostalgic. But I for one appreciate character growth. I for one truly believe that this is the most fleshed out she's been since New Avengers, and sadly, that wasn't even her! lol So for someone like me, I can appreciate and I can grow with a character I have been enamored with for a couple of decades. 

I think the 'shit idea' and the whole "can't let go of the old ways". Besides, if I ever want to see her back in her outfit, I can backtrack, write my own fics, or commission her in it. I truly do think that people just... don't stop to truly see what has become of the character. She truly is a little bit more genuine than most skin-tight heroines out there. She's relatable for both men and women, honestly. And she isn't as 'dime of a dozen' as a lot of hot heroines out there. 

And thank you. 
cerebus873's avatar
Characters do need to go through some changes or they can get stagnant.  Scartlet Witch is another one whose skimpy costume has changed, but I think it's 100% inline with her current character arc, and in her last comic it's gotten a tad  sexier than what she had been wearing --- and it's again inline with her character arc.  But I've seen similar complains about her.  I'm 100% "is the story good" and not caring WHY it happened. I really don't care WHY.  I care if the story is good.  All art ends out being about contratints, and even horrible constraints can produce good art.

Poor Spider-Woman had been ignored even though she was in the Avengers.  She was still SEEN but no one was paying attention to HER.  I'm glad she's getting a good story.  It's also not quite like anything else out there .. and diversity is not just diversity in characters, but in setup, life situations, and tone.  You can get a standard super-hero story in dozens of other comics, her comic is a different kind of story and that's cool.  And as you said, you've got oodles of back stories to enjoy, or you can make new ones up in your head if you want more.

I do hope the old duds come out sometime.  I bet that do make an appearance.  Either she answers an "all hands on deck" avengers call and has time to put on her old duds (as a psychological thing), or some time she's behind on her laundry and it's the only thing clean (more likely).
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
gh0st-of-RoninHobbyist Writer
I would love to see her back in her old duds once in a while. Also, just on a side note, I would love it if an artist like Coipel take on Jessica Drew's series. I would love to see how he draws her in her new costume. :D 

And yeah, she was SEEN, not heard or even respected to the aspect that a heroine in her caliber should be. I mean, I have my preference, and no secret, obviously I have a certain thing that I like seeing heroines get into, BUT, I do respect a character with good history, very relatable situations, and something that sets them apart from the plethora of eye candy heroines out there. While Spider-Woman had always stuck out for me, I really felt her stories and interactions were flat, or at least they fluctuate. Writers would have something in mind for her, then it would drop... I'm glad her motherhood stuck and truly, it's a different thing. I swear, she just needs a higher caliber artist, then it's gold. 

Honestly, Spider-Woman's outfit wasn't that scandalous compared to characters like Psylocke, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, etc. She was just wearing tights and REALLY TIGHT! She had one bad image, and i mean bad as in I didn't even personally like that art with her butt, not because of pose, but because of the style... and with that one bad mark, all of a sudden her costume is too scandalous. Please. Supergirl, whom I adore, and love her costume, why the heck would she be flying around in a mini skrit, mid drift, and all? :P Psylocke... is a freaking ninja wearing a thong! So yeah. Characters can have their sexy costumes! But they do need changes, for sure! 
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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer
Nicely done!  :)
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