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She Hulk Summer Fun by Didi-Esmeralda

By cerebus873
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Art by :icondidi-esmeralda:

This is my monthy Patreon commission from Didi. She's fantastic, and you should consider supporting her.  Even $1 helps!  You only have to look at her profile to see all the art she's created since she got her Patreon to see the effect it has on an artist!  I love supporting her, because I love her art, and I want to see more of it.


Here's all the things I've commissioned off her!  She was my first DA commission.  My entire gallery is all her fault because she made commissioning so fun!  So if you like my gallery, consider supporting her on Patreon for awhile as a Thank You.  ;-)


Why the Turtle?  Background: 

Jen and that Darn TurtleAdministrivia:

I'm going to republish this when I make a change, in case people are interested in following these. Feel free to tell me if you think it's being updated too much/too little/getting annoying. There is now a changelog at the bottom, so you can see what has changed across time. New images will go into the sequence (new ones at bottom), but I'll also put the new images right below this (but only for the last change or two). I don't want it to get too top heavy.
Recently Added Images

And now back to the story

So, I've now commissioned several images of Jen and a Turtle. And since I like to tell stories on every image I make, I end up retelling (and relinking) to a bunch of images each time. There are now too many to link to in the description on a page. Time for a Journal. I'll periodically add to this journal entry when I collect new entries. Each image in my gallery will have longer notes on it about

So, today is my birthday.  I have some other things form Didi that I've not got around to posting yet, I've been letting work get in the way.  But I have today off, and I just got this, and i HAD to share it.  It's utterly fantastic.  I'll try to post the other things I need to post (Summer Time Zatanna, Summertime Supergirl) later today. 
This is just TOTALLY PERFECT for me.  Just look at She-Hulk's Abs!  They're beautiful. Heart Love 

I really love the fabric of her suit too, great detail!  + Boobs.  ;-)

That darn turtle is just sitting there and he's trying to steal the show again.  I think he's losing this one, Jen's just to magnetic here. ;-)

This is why I love commissioning Didi, I get wonderful art showing up in my inbox!

Art (c) :devdidiesmeralda:
She-Hulk (c) Marvel Comics
That Damn Turtle (c) I have no idea.
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I love the picture detail and her abs, muscle tone, lovely facial work, hair-styling, and outfit are prefect. I do like the perfectly sized breasts for her build and her powerful legs compliment her wider hips look. She-Hulk is my favorite and this is just another reason why :love:
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I'm really happy when She-Hulk fans find things I've commissioned and enjoy them!  It's why I share them.

(I really need to get back into the swing of commissioning things.)

This is one of my favorites (I love Didi, she's awesome.)  this one probalby has her best abdominal work ever. ;-)
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Yeah, those abs look better on her than on me. :giggle:
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I've probably said this before, but She-hulk is something else. She may be green and super-built, yet even if that were to intimidate you, she's so fun, charming and gorgeous you can't help but fall in love with her anyways.
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Oh we're on the same page!   ;-)

It's why I commission her so often.
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And now all of a sudden I'd like to see her as a majorette. Or cheerleader. Or both.
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very nice Haha Love Bravo #2
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Neat style man
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Hells to the yeah!  ;-)

Glad you liked it.
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np, & it's She Hulk who wouldn't like it ;) :D
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Well, obviously not the cool kids like us!  We have great taste, so of COURSE we'd think it was aces.

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Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Ohh makes me feel happy reading his words in the post of DALove 
I'm glad you like the Ted work, always infinite thanks for your great support.
Is valuable everything he has done for me at this time, because you have known many others.
Before I was sad,
because I could not draw my old job (accounting assistant) but since I met you
I began to draw more and I'm always infinitely grateful for this.
You are very special a wonderful person,
you always wish the best for your life and that this happy.
Whenever I see She Hulk somewhere I remember you :D
A big hugHug 
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"Whever I see She-Hulk somewhere I remember you."   This makes me really happy. ;-)

I love that the world gets to see more your art.
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AnimeJason2010Hobbyist General Artist
Looking sensational! Nicely done! Happy Birthday, my friend! :D:hug:
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Glad you liked it!
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Looks amazing! She did a wonderful job!
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We are in complete agreement on this topic. 

Glad you liked it.  Makes me happy when a people dig these.
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Glad you liked it. 

(Love your gallery BTW, I've been too busy to comment like I think I should, but it's wonderful!)
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hehe thanks and happy birthday :party:
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It has been so far!

(Though it's been a *long* time since I commissioned anything, and now I'm trying to a) remember how b) figure out what to commission (etc).  Actually, it's a calculus of WHO to commission, WHICH character to commission, and doing WHAT?  and to me, I can't just randomly send a given setup to an artist, I've always gone the other way, a HUGE pile of things I'd like to see, characters I'd want someone to draw, and I have to see an artist's portfolio and sort of feel what they do, and then try to cross that into the things I want, and find some bridge, something that "works", that seems like it's something I want.

My best commissions are things that I am SURE i'd never have gotten from ANY other artist, but no other artist would have reacted to my pitch, and then we alter what the result is going to be, and end up with something unique.  Something the artist wouldn't have made for anyone else, and something I wouldn't have commissioned from another artist.  And once you've done that a few times, you want it all the time, and it's sort of paralyzing.  I need to just commission a few things, as I know that even with artist I'm in sync with, that doesn't happen 100% of the time.  *sigh*.  But, it's like "well you need to do more than THAT.". 

Anyway, the goal is to actually commission something in the remaining two hours of the day. ;-)  (Other than I have something coming at a convention in two weeks, and it'll be cute/adorable/awesome, I just know it.)
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Yeah, I see what you mean, your comissions look great, which cannot happen unless you "drive" the artist to go in your way, while not altering his own style either.
I think it's some sort of magic that happens when the artist understands your goals while not being enforced into them, in a way.
You surely are someone pretty good at communication and psychology, aren't you ? ;)

(sorry i'm not sure to use the right words, I'm french, English isn't my native language)
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I think you said it perfectly!

Part of my commission message is:


Then I state what the goal I wanted to get, that I think the image would produce.  Then I tell the artist, if you can meet my goal some other way DO THAT.  If you think you need to, run the idea by me, but in the end, I'm hiring an expert, and I trust their judgement. I can safely say that probably 99/100 it works.  I've commissioned > 200 pieces, and I'd say that MAYBE I have 2 images that if the artist just did what I originally asked I think the image would have been better.  But I have 20+ images where the artist COMPLETELY ignored my initial pitch, did something else, and it's BETTER and what I didn't know that I wanted.  And probably another 50 or so where they asked some questions back, and we dialed into a slightly different idea through a conversation, and IT was better than what I asked for.

So, yeah.  I try to get close to something the artist likes to do, and then let them do their thing.

And a few times, they say, Hey instead of this thing, let's do something TOTALLY different.  And usually, I want that thing too just as badly, so we do that.  I've had 2 artist say "I can't draw that", and to both I said, "Then let's find something I want that you DO want to draw" and it was all easy and friendly.  I don't understand people who feel entitled to try to force and artist to do something.  I'd 100x rather have an artist happy and drawing something they want, than fighting to make something they hate.

I think the "State what my goal is from the image" gets me far more form an artist.  Some don't want that freedom, but I think most do.
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SpericsHobbyist Writer
Jen and the turtle return! Great to see another one of them it's utterly fantastic work. Didi really knows what she's doing. Also, happy bday :)
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