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She Hulk Beach Pencils by Harpokrates

Art by Jay De Foy, Harpokrates  Posting my commission with permission.

This has been inked and colored by StacyRaven (who I highly recommend).
Jay De Foy's She-Hulk and Turtle - Inks by StacyRaven

She-Hulk at the Beach by Harpokrates by cerebus873

And it's also been colored by SilverRiverArt off Stacy's inks.  I love this, because it's not She-Hulk on the beach anymore.  This is like an awesome cover to a song I really like, that allows me to see the song differently and love it even more!  Just FANTASTIC.

Girl on the Beach Finished by SilverRiverArt

I love Jay's pencils.  (more on this image in the colored version linked above).

He's having a sale right now so go check it out!

Jay is fine with people inking and coloring his work for practice, and I'm more than OK with it.  Stacy Raven is also ok with you coloring her inks (go to her profile and see it there, and read her simple rules to follow, they are pretty much the rules below, only you need to credit her too since she did the inks).  She's got LOTS of neat stuff over there for people to work with. I have a few more in my Gallery, and if it's by Jay, it's got the same rules.  But feel free to Note me if you have questions.

If you ink/color it:

1) Make sure you give proper credit to the artist (that means crediting Jay (Harpokrates) by name as well as providing a link to his DA page. 

2) Do not sell, make copies of, or distribute the image in any way (posting it on your DeviantArt account and Facebook is fine as long as you credit the artists).

3) If you ink/color this, even though I have a version inked and Colored by Stacy Raven, I'd LOVE to see it (really I'm fascinated by multiple inks and colors of the same work).  And I know Jay would too.  So i'd love to have you drop Harpokrates and me ( cerebus873 ) a note when you do.  Though on DA if you mention me in the description I'll get the notice.

Note: I AM NOT THE ARTIST!  ;-) (Wink) 

P.S: This does not count as one of my uploads for the week, I'm just making sure to post this as I think people should see Jay's pencils as they're awesome, and also have the ability to work with it if they want.

She-Hulk (c) Marvel
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"Us green folks need to stick together." ^^
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I Feel like this would look really cool with color:) 
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Yes it's amazing in color.

Stacy raven did and awesome job inking and coloring.

The links to the inks and colors are in the description. xD
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ohh wow sorry;) haha. I will check that out thank you!

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No turtle is that lucky. I think it's Beast boy putting the move on her.
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Lol thanks yo :D I appreciate the plug!
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Very nice line work!
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I know!

I keep forgetting to post the original pencils so i'm not get behind on new things, and eventually make sure  I post it all.  Jay's posted some of the things he's done for me, and I've posted quite a few others.

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I recently started doing that.
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Awesome that's who.

Follow the link to the colors, I talk more about the Turtle there. Who is obviously WINNING.

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