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Scartlet Witch by moonarc

By cerebus873
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Art by :iconmoonarc:

I commissioned this from him, and am posting with his kind permission.  I'm also posting at a smaller resolution than the file he sent me, as he asked me too.  I ALWAYS follow the artist's wishes (even retroactively).  I really only mention that in case you want to know what you'll actually receive from him.  It's much larger with a lot more detail.

Here it is in his profile:

All new Scarlet Witch by Moonarc

He just started a patreon account: www.patreon.com/Moonarc

Here's his announcement:

Hello guys, Moonarc here
Finally Im very happy to anounce that my Patreon page is online & the pledges is start from $2, $5, $10 per month and there will be 3-5 images per month
I'll create something sexy and ofcourse Softcore NSFW art every month exclusive for my patreon only, 
If you have time feel free to check it out For process/psd/feedback on your own 
I really hope that to get support  to create art from you guys, I'll see you there :-) (Smile)
Thank you

He was a really cool guy and fun to work with, and I think his art speaks for itself!  Please consider supporting him.  He just started out on Patreon -- but it's also at this juncture that artists need a bit of love, attention, and trust so they have a CHANCE to see what will happen and so they can take a chance and devote more time to art!

Anyway, I've been following his profile for a long time, and he was one of the many artists on "the list" ... the list of people I want to commission (for the first time, and who I want to commission again).

This was fast and easy.  I looked through his profile and pondered my list of things I'd like commissioned, and figured that I wanted to see some more art of the Scarlet Witch's new costume.  I figured that Moonarc would do a fantastic job of it.  I wasn't wrong!  ;-)

He also has two fantastic images of the witch in his profile:

Scarlet Witch by MoonarcScarlet Witch by Moonarc

He quickly jumped at the chance to draw her again, "to see how I've improved".  It does look to me like he's improved a lot in his usage of textures as well as drawing faces (I'm not an artist, it's just what it seems to me).  You might want to go over to his profile and leave some comments about what you think about his image.  If you can't support his patreon, you can go comment!  Comments are free! ;-)

I really do like how this turned out.  I'm not sure a like her current tiara -- but that's marvel's fault, it's beautifully rendered here.  It's seeing it all done nicely like it is that makes me wonder about it.  This costume is growing on me.  It's not that I don't like the witch's older costumes.  (Yum, the original-isn red one, the Perez belly dancer!  woo!)  I LOVE her older costumes, it's just that things do need to change now and then and it's good to be something else for awhile.  This is a bit sexy, but also practical.  I think it works for where the witch is emotionally in her comic, and is a good transition from her last costume which is spartan and completely covers her, helping to isolate and hold her separate from the world.  After Children's crusade that seemed to be where she was at, and in her comic, she's slowly healing, and thus wearing a bit more revealing clothing, but still nothing like she used to wear.  She isolating herself less, is taking an active interest in her mental health, and is trying to be a part of the world.  Not to mention, she's trying to take some respsonsibility for herself and her actions.

I think seeing how well Moonarc showed her costume, helped me think about it like that. That's what good art is supposed to do.

I think he nailed her expression.  It's a mix of determination and a bit of otherworldly power.  It fits the Witch well.

I also love the little bits of background texture -- the floating rocks, etc.  All well done. 

He was very friendly and easy to work with.   I'm extremely happy that I commissioned him, and I will do so again.  (Have to figure out what to commission, and when do to so against all the other things i want to do.)  (*sigh* the LIST.  THE LIST!!).  Also, I generally do not comment on speed, but he was really fast and responsive!  One of the reasons I don't comment, is it's not always going to be that fast, I think I hit him at _just_ the right time.  Still, I was impressed by the delivery time!  It wasn't rushed, it's gorgeous and it still showed up in several days!

I have to say I've been a commission slacker this last year.  I am remembering WHY I like to commission and seeing things like this show up in my inbox is one of them.  Commissioning this was FUN.  And that's how it should be.  It was great to have some fun!

I would encourage anyone who likes his art to consider commissioning him.  I do not think you will be disappointed!

Also, please consider supporting his Patreon.
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Basically her AoU look at the end of the movie?
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It's what she is wearing in the new scarlet witch comic.   Similar but not quite the movie costume.
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I think we are in complete agreement!

Make sure to check out moonarc's gallery!  Lot's of pretty over there!
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Moonarc Digital Artist
Thank you again for commisioning me and supporting my Patreon You are Rock :headbang:
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How amazing!
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Really how happy this one turned out.  Make sure to go over to moonarc's gallery and take a look, LOTS of pretty things over there. ;-)
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Indeed.   I'm glad I commisioned him.   A constant struggle to use the artists Ive worked with before (and loved the work), or try new ones.  

Sometimes it's "why not both?"  :-)
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Wanda's new look?
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Her new look from the current Scarlet Witch Comic.   Writing by Robinson is fantastic.    Some issues the art is the weak point.  One of the better Civil War II tie ins, an argument between Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver.
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