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Kali by Didi-Esmeralda

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Art by :icondidi-esmeralda:

Here it is in her profile:

Kali by Didi-Esmeralda 

I'm not sure I can express how much I love Didi-Esmeralda's work and working with her.  She's just fantastic and fun to work with.

So, this is an OC I created.  So, I'm FINALLY getting around to writing "Stealing Thunder".  I have a first draft done, now the laborious process of cutting out words, tweaking words, finding grammar/spelling errors.  (I write in a text editor, and I worry about such things later.)

She learns a spell and uses to steal the powers of the Marvel Family.  Or in this case Black Adam.  And if you've read my first story, you'll guess that she might get a bit out of hand and take some more power. ;-)

But, in writing the story, I swapped her name after she changes from Eve to Kali (from an excellent suggestion of larafan).  Fits her character more, and I'd always intended her to be Indian (or perhaps Arab), mainly due to Black Adam.  I'd settled on Indian and was permuting names, when LaraFan made the suggestion of Kali.  Done. ;-)

Here she is drawn by the amazing and wonderful Didi-Esmeralda, who deeply discounted this as a gift to me.   THANKS!  I LOVE IT!  (which meant I commissioned something else!  And it's going to be GREAT.)

And I love this! I love her arms and her shoulders.   I love the yellow sash and her hair whipping in the wind.   Just awesome.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy getting art from Didi in my inbox.

(Hint: you too can experience this, simply send her a note and commission her!  She's great to work with!).

Here's some of the other things she's drawn for me. This one of She-Hulk Belly Dancing is one of my all time favorites.  And her Wonder Woman isn't far behind.  And Zee.   Oh so sexy.  And the first thing I commissioned from her: Titania.

She-Hulk Belly Dancing by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 Wonder Woman by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 Zatanna by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 Titania by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 

Here's some other art of Kali (when I was calling her Eve due to "Black Adam".  Not terribly original, but it got things going).

Eve - by adagadegelo by cerebus873 

You'll notice her costume keeps changing, and that's ok, because unlike the rest of the Marvels, she can do that at will.

I think I'm getting close to a costume that she'll wear a bit though.

Might have to swap around Egyptian Sandals and some arm bands.  Decide how I like that.

Anyway, comments welcome, and make sure to go and comment on Didi-Esmeralda's page!

Not sure when I'll have the story done.  Looks like it'll be three parts, and roughly 13k words.  Not too happy with Part 3, and I won't post part 1 until I get that worked out.  (And I have a few ideas for a few add-ons of a few thousand words...though I also need to completely figure out the Big Bad at the end, which might be another large story.)

Also sketching out another Ultima story.  It's not even a glint of a draft yet, at some point I'll just purge out a few thousand words a day for a few days (at least I'm hoping).  And I'm writing little short pieces of 2-3k words.  Not sure if they'll ever see the light, just fun things I'm tossing around, loosely connected by a common frame.

Kali (c) Me  ;-)
Art (c) Didi-Esmeralda
The Marvel Family (c) DC Comics.
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Indeed.   The only OC (well cribbed from the Marvels) in my gallery.   Should change that.
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So...is she a villain....or....what exactly?
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She's more hero than villain, but is also not quite with the normal hero program. (She doesn't have typical hero motivations)  But she's still mostly good, it's why she stole powers from Black Adam instead of the other Marvel Family members (who are heroes).

The first chapter is up (she's not yet got to Black Adam's powers):

  Stealing Thunder, Part 1My plan would probably kill me. It would test my abilities to their fullest, and failure meant certain death. I would have to use all my knowledge and my scant power, and rely upon more than a little luck. I had never really taken risks before, and the entire endeavor is outside my safety zone. As great as the risks were, I was also afraid that if I didn't take the risk, I would end up like my aunt and parents, murdered by someone with far too much power coupled with an absence of any moral restraint.
I'm no stranger to magic. My parents were minor mages  who traded in books and information, and were always in high regard in the magical community. While not playing for any of the major teams, Light or Dark, Chaos or Order, they never traded in anything really horrible. Without the utmost care, some of the dark tomes could corrupt your soul just by being in the same room with them, let alone cracking them open and reading them. At one time or another, they probably owned a copy of

I'm trying tog et Part II out soon.  Hopefully within a week. It's mostly done, I just have to go over the transformation scenes a bit, and give it a final edit pass over.
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Very cool, especially the upper body musculature.  What does her human alter-ego look like?
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Thanks. Didi did an awesome job -- it's how I pictured her.

I'll have to get the story out. She's not planning on turning back. :-)

But she's a young Indian woman. Nice black hair -- but mostly plain, and not much of a figure. A bookworm.

I should have linked to the first image which is also awesome (slightly different look)
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Sounds good - please let us know if you post it somewhere.  SWM maybe since Larafan is in on the idea?  ;)
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I'll post it here. I mostly have Chapter 1 done, I have to do some reworking #2, that I want to get done before I release it #1, otherwise people will sit around for five months why I wait to finish it. (I write slowly.)

It took me a long time to write Ultima I and II though I got inspired and took it the last way in a  big sprint. I think that might happen for Chapter 2 at some point, and then I'll take a day to edit each, and make sure that I didn't undo something accidentally, and then I'll publish one and the other fairly quickly.  Then...work my way through Chapter 3 which also has a fairly rough draft....

I was going to spend Friday writing, but now it looks like I might have to do freelance work and *sigh* earn some more money.  (I just like taking my birthday off
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I'll try to get the story out sometime soon. But I've been lacking in time and I write slowly. (And I'm lazy)
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beautiful and sexy :iconloveloveplz:
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Wonderful piece!  Looks great!
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Now I have to finish the story. ;-)
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I really love her style and I plan to commission her :love:

I love how she drew her muscular body and colors are pretty cool :love:
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Yeah! Iove it when I send work to artists. :-)

And I totally agree with your comments.
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thanks!  I love her work.
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Like this costume better than her first one, very simple and easier to describe for future pictures. Love her green eyes and how intense they look.
Admittedly, don't know much about the Marvel family beyond the fan art and cosplay of Mary Marvel in her black suit.
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Yes, I like this outfit much better too.

You don't need to know much about the Marvels.  Though Maybe I should have some background in the story i'm writing. I already recount an existing story in the middle (it's what sparked the idea).
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So, will you still do a version of Kali in some strappy sandals or in fishnets just to see how she looks?
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I believe so.

I think the central part of the uniform is settled now.  It's shoes/leggings/fishnets.  And if I do something different on her arms or not.

And she might actually swap out regularly since she can do so with a thought.
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