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Harley Quinn by soniamatas

Art by :iconsoniamatas:

EDIT: Per Sonia's suggestions I updated to the full resolution image.  You should download it and look at all the detail.  It's even more gorgeous close up.  I didn't originally put it up as it's HUGE > 7MB and some insane pixel resolution.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn by SoniaMatas 

And a version without Harley (has some more comments about Ivy on it):

Poison Ivy by MSonia by cerebus873 

And now for something completely different.

The origin of this is the blend of ideas.  For one, Marvel accounted Thor was loosing his hammer, as he wasn't worthy.  And then that a woman would become the new "Thor".  And no, for all you people who are upset, these things did NOT happen at the same time -- the writer says it was planned in advance that Thor would become unworthy, before they chose who would get the Hammer.  The month they announced the new Thor, they showed a future Thor who looked at a past Thor and "fondly remembered when he was worthy".

Comics are not put out in 30 days. The lead time for Thor #1 is about the normal lead time -- so yes, Thor was written to loose his hammer BEFORE the new story was set.  It was not done simply "to make Thor a woman".  The timeline doesn't support  it, and the author says he'd been leading up to it.  It's also a classic story in myth, and a classic part of the Thor story.

Now, knowing that Thor was going to loose the hammer, marvel marketing might have said "Make the new Thor a woman", that might be true.  I don't know.  But that's (at most) the input they had from the evidence on the table.

Now, I don't know if Thor is going to be good or not, or if I'll like the new character.  The first issue was pretty good, and it focused on Thor dealing with no longer being worthy.  We'll soon see if the story is good, but dealing with the Fall of the Hero are some of the best stories in fiction, and often you need someone else to contrast.  That's who the new Thor is (and being a woman can help in the contrast).

Anyway, in the midst of this, there was a huge backlash against this.  The bombastic marvel media machine has always known how to stir things up (they learned well from Stan Lee).  Some are just totally upset that THOR is going to be a woman.   And heard some mention of him (and his hammer) being "symbols of masculinity".

I take the position I'll judge the story after I read it. It could be Demon in a Bottle or the Death of Superman (i.e. Super Awesome decades defining character story OR a complete piece of shit.)  Someone told me "fans never asked for this".  And that doesn't matter, Fans never asked for Tony Stark to be an alcoholic either -- but as I said that was one of the best damn Iron Man arcs ever, and it helps define the character to this day, decades later.

But I find all this just a bit much.  It's not like we don't know that Thor isn't getting his hammer back when the movie comes around  (no matter what the alternative future time line said).  So, let the story unfold and see if it's any good (or not, just check back in a few years when it's all back to "normal").

But this backlash, and picking a new Thor, brought around geek discussions with my friends over this topic.  Plus Thor looses his worthiness because Nick Fury whispers something in his ear.  Meaning he was ALREADY unworthy, he just didn't know it.  Now it could be self-confidence, but it should be more than that.  It seems that "worthiness" is partially psychological.

The discussion on this led to who was worthy, who had used the Hammer in the past, etc.  But, if it's psychological, perhaps someone who is slightly crazy, very smart, -and- well versed in psychology could be "worthy" (despite being crazy).  And it'd help if it was someone who liked to use a hammer .... s

And thus was born the idea of Harley Quinn, wielder of Mjölnir.  And since she already uses a big mallet and draws things on it, I was sure she'd do the same for Mjölnir.  And since Kat Dennings calls him "mew mew" in Thor, well that sticks for here too.  (One of the end faces probably says "Mew Mew Says Hi!").    And I was pretty sure that Harley would girly up the hammer a bit.

And from there it bounced around in my head for a bit, thinking of who should render this silly idea into reality.

And once again, I picked SoniaMatas -- and she immediately said that Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy were some of her favorite characters.  And that made me go "Posion Ivy!"".

I'll make no secret that I ship these two, and that I think they are a great couple (even as "just friends"). They are very good for one another.  And Joker/Harley is just horrible.  Love makes no sense but eventually Harley needs to figure out her puddin' is just a jerk who hates and uses her, and she deserves more.  (Hello Ivy!)

But as soon as I thought about Ivy, I thought about what Harley would do with the Hammer.  If you read the text in the other one (without Harley), I'll talk about Rain and Ivy's relationship to it.  And thus the spark that Harley would make it rain on Ivy, as she would REALLY like that.

At that point, this image clicked, and I knew it would be good.  I just didn't know how awesome it would be.  Sonia took this, and just made it into something totally epic.

For one, she came up with the idea of Harley hanging off the hammer. (I might see if I can post the other sketch, which is awesome too!)  And that's SHEER GENIUS.  And it's why I chose to go with Sonia in the first place, I knew she'd make me something great.  And her choices made this 100x better than what was in my head.

And I love how Harley was likely moving around and now she's stopped and totally focused on Ivy.  And I love how Ivy is giving in to the caress of the rain.  And let's just pay attention to the background, and how the light bouncing around in the rain.  It's just totally lovely.

And man I LOVE mew mew here.  All those hearts and bunnies.  Maybe she just needed to let her feminine side out a bit. ;-)  And all that lightning. ;-)

Thor mostly uses his Hammer and it's powers as a weapon.  Harley is using it to make her friend happy, and this wasn't accidental.  I think it's essential to the idea.

If you read the Ivy-only description, you'll read that I love rain, and this image just really makes it for me.

So, what started out a silly idea "What if Harley Quinn had the Hammer of Thor" ended up as this super-epic image, and one of my favorite Poison Ivy pictures ever.  And this image is really about the relationship between Harley and Ivy, and my silly little idea is just a nice little bow at the top.

And I think a super-powered Harley is Joker's worst nightmare.  Maybe I need to get one of Harley unleashing some chaos with Mew Mew.

And this is again, why I totally recommend commissioning SoniaMatas.  A joy to work with, and the results are epic.

Art (c) SoniaMatas
Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy (c) DC Comics
Mew mew (or the hammer formerly known as Mjölnir) (c) Marvel Comics
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Dmofosho's avatar
Obligatory getting-Ivy-wet joke aside, this is just magical stuff. I love these two together :)
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks.  I love these to together too (as you might have guessed).  
cerebus873's avatar
Thanks!   Sonia made a masterpiece.

i feel the same way.
DeepHurting's avatar
Outstanding work!
cerebus873's avatar
well ti was all Sonia, but thanks!

(I just commissioned it -- and had the silly idea that sparked her to make this...)
ezseek's avatar
The hammer makes no sence at all. Why would Harley have Thor's hammer?. The one with posion by her self is awesome though, even though I do like Harely in this one, but maybe she should have been hanging from a vine instead.
cerebus873's avatar
Ah. But why not?   Does everything have to make some kind of sense?  Doubly so for an image containing Harley Quinn.

Some things are just meant to be silly, and have fun.  This is one of them.  Sorry you don't enjoy it.

Glad you liked the solo Ivy one, it is indeed a quite gorgeous picture.
Psychopath0507's avatar
I like the one with Harley. She is unpredictable enough to steel Thor's Hammer.
cerebus873's avatar
yeah, this was just good clean manic fun.

And I really love the image, it's just fantastic.
SoniaMatas's avatar
Although I already knew the story of this drawing it's been awesome to read it again after I've finished the picture and I have to say that this is one of the pieces I'm most proud of! :heart: (sorry about my english mistakes, as always hehe)
Of course you can post the sketch! :)
luvfemuscle's avatar
You have every right to be extremely proud of this work. A+
cerebus873's avatar
cool.  I'll try to post the sketch later today.  I think it's great too.  I remember starting at both of them trying to figure out how I would choose between them. Do I pick Awesome choice A or Awesome choice B!

And this is amazing, so I can see why you'd be proud of it!  The background, use of light, texture, all those are awesome.  The posing and framing of the picture, which are also just incredible.  The idea to have Harley hanging from the hammer is just genius, and is EXACTLY what Harley would do.  I remember jumping around the room in excitement when I saw the sketches.  This is just incredible at all levels.  ;-)

And no need to apologize for your English!  It's perfect.
mpz28's avatar
very nice :D (Big Grin) Love
cerebus873's avatar

I'm stupidly proud  of this one. ;-)
mpz28's avatar
np & yeah it came out ok :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
BalloonPrincess's avatar

As I said earlier, this deserves to be a Daily Deviation!  :)
cerebus873's avatar
well from Sonia's gallery! ;-)

Thanks.  It's not the weirdest thing I commissioned, but it is probably #2. ;-)
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