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Enchantress by Didi-Esmeralda

By cerebus873
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Art by :icondidi-esmeralda:
(posted with permission.)

This is part of my monthly patreon support of Didi.  If you like her art, and can spare even a $1/month, please support her on Patreon too.  She's really a wonderful person, and Patreon has REALLY enabled her to produce a lot more art.

I have said this a few times, Didi was the first person I commissioned. She made that experience SO ENJOYABLE, that I commissioned all the other items in my gallery.  If she hadn't been so great to work with, none of it would  exist.  If you've my gallery, supporting Didi on Patreon is one nice way to say "Thanks".


I'm late in posting this, I already have the one from April to post too (I'll do so over the weekend I hope).
Anyway, I thought it was time for a bit of a change and a time for some villainy.  Also, my very first commission from Didi was a Marvel Villain (Titania), so this is back to the beginning too.  ^_^

So: Enchantress.  I've always liked her. She's physically stronger than she lets on, sexy as all get out, smarter/not as smart as she thinks she is, and her own worst enemy.  A bit of a bad girl, but there's some good girl in there somewhere.  And a top it all, she's one of the magical power houses of the Marvel Universe.

This was indirectly inspired by one of my favorite Amanda Connor covers.

New Avengers 11 by cerebus873 

I wanted Didi to riff off that and show me some Enchantress.  And I have to say I really love what she did here.

Enchantress looks a bit playful here, and somehow a bit more happy and innocent than she normally does.   And I find that I'm really liking that.

A lot of characters they just always seem to be having a hard time, and sometimes you just wish they'd relax and have some fun.  (As I said, normally Enchantress is her own worst enemy.)

This really hit the spot, I needed something nice and happy. ;-)

And in that way, it's very similar to Didi's Titiania for me.  (It remains one of my favorite commissions, and not simply because it's first.)

Next Up: Barda.  I'll share that in a few days.  WARNING: It's FANTASTIC.

I've been in a commissioning slump sorry.  A bit of too much work, and for some reason not being in the mood.  So I'm trying to get a few pieces out in addition to my monthy Patreon commissions from Didi.  (And thank goodness for these!  I need the showing up in my inbox.  I think Didi-Esmeralda's and Dandonfuga's Patreons are helping me get through my commissioning drought by constantly sending amazing things to my inbox.)

But, I did start a new commission today.  I'm going to try to get another one out over the weekend.

(I also need to figure out who is up next for Didi.  If you have any ideas, leave them as comments below.)

All of Didi's commissions for me:  cerebus873.deviantart.com/gall…

And Titania directly since I mentioned it.  This was my first commission on Deviant Art, and my first from Didi.  It's what started it all.

Titania by Didi-Esmeralda by cerebus873 

Art (c) Didi-Esmeralda
Enchantress (c) Marvel Comics
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YoshiCrusaderHobbyist Writer
This is amazing! Very alluring! ^^
steverodgers5's avatar
Now that's the Enchantress that I remember. I always loved that costume. (Especially the stockings. Very bewitching!) So yeah, Great depiction of her!
cerebus873's avatar
Glad you liked it.

I love the classics. ;-)
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AbbySotoProfessional Digital Artist
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thank you for the devations
cerebus873's avatar
No problem.  I love to share all the things I've commissioned.

Glad you enjoyed my gallery!
Bigjack66's avatar
Very nice! She never really needed spells to enchant men when she looked like that!:)
AzureVirgo's avatar
Beautiful, sexy and seductive picture
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Thanks.   Glad you like it.
Didi-Esmeralda's avatar
Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Aaaa million thanks Ted.
I remember the first commission of Titania :) and all of the following.
The faces are tender and cute me this is something that comes spontaneously me XD
Always thank you for your great support and kindness always.
I feel I have progressed thanks to you.
I am not a woman of many words but I want to give and the best way to express how valuable every detail.
You are a very kind person with many artists who I'm sure they are also very grateful.
dandonfuga is a great artist, I really like his style.
in streaming this week at the Picarto she accompanied me for a while.
A big hug :3
cerebus873's avatar
Dandonfuga showed up while you were streaming?  That's wonderful. 

I think your art speaks for you very well.
grendelrose's avatar
Totally agreed, she´s incredibly amazing and deserves more love (also her younger sister, Lorelei). I will never get enough of amazing art like this and if it is with my favourite character ever, even better.Love 
cerebus873's avatar
I think I've only commissioned her one other time. Which is a shame as I really love her. Lorelei is fun too -- but I think I most appecuate her when she's in a story with the Enchantress and we have sibling rivalry going on.

One of the things I love about committing to one commission a month from Didi on Patreon is that it encourages me to go farther afield.
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TheCosmicBeholderProfessional Traditional Artist
A beautiful Enchantress! Even though she's one of the classic villains, she doesn't always get enough love. This great.
cerebus873's avatar
I've been reading comics for a long time .. I have a fondness for the classic villains.
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
TheCosmicBeholderProfessional Traditional Artist
Me too! The magic of those classic costumes and characters, particularly in the 70s
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