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Dat Bunny! By Harpokrates Colors By StacyRaven

Pencils: by Jay De Foy (Harpokrates)
Colors by StacyRaven     

Zatanna and Bunny by Harpokrates by cerebus873 Jay De Foy's Zatanna and Bunny - Colors by StacyRaven

If you click on the Pencils, you get the story of me getting the original art, and I rave a bit about it.  If that sort of thing interests you (and it might if you've read this far), click on over.

Mostly here, I'm going to talk about StacyRaven, because I think she's just awesome.  Both as an artist and as a person.  Really, she's been patient and kind, and talked me through the first steps of commissioning inking and coloring.  And, through this time, I asked a lot of questions, and in learning about such things, did what I can't help doing: over analyze just about everything.  I can't help it. ;-)

Stacy not only took this in stride, she seems to really enjoy my commenting.  I do make it a point to following what I say is "Rule 2 of Commissioning: Always comment".  That means saying what I really liked about the piece after it's done, and anything that bothers me at any stage while the work is being done.

Stacy was my first inker and colorist I hired, and so far the ONLY one I've hired because I love her work and she's just so much fun to work with. And we collectively Geek Out over the next awesome thing that :torqueartstudio: sends me.  I love getting reactions on the art I've commissioned, and Stacy is as enthusiastic as I am.   I had an fun time working with her, she's good people. ;-)

True story, as I was thanking her for this in email, I told her to GO RIGHT NOW and look at my new Supergirl commission.  So she did.  And dragged her fiance over to see it.  And they talked about it, and raved over it.  And she forgot to read the rest of my letter till much later.   Because, yes, it's that good.  It makes me laugh because she did exactly what I told her to do -and- she dragged her fiance over to see it too!  Priceless.  (And that's the reactions I love people to have to things I commission.)

I do really have a hard time with compliments, but Stacy says that I'm a really great commissioner, patient with nice insights and observations.  I don't think I'm doing anything special, but apparently I am.  (I've been told this by a few other artists too. Maybe I'll actually listen.  OTH, someone out there probably finds me really annoying!  I type a lot.  And by a lot I mean, 10x more than I need to.)

But, I'm going to have to listen, as this is a freebie she did for me.  A Thank You for the commissions I sent her and for being me.

I'm going to admit, that when I saw this in my inbox, I stared at it for awhile and cried some happy tears.   Stacy has been REALLY busy, with lots of commissions and a bunch of professional work too.  For her to take the time to do this means a lot to me.  

Thanks Stacy, you're awesome!

I really need to rave about her coloring here, but it's now too late and I need to get up early!  I have a hard time writing sometimes, and it takes awhile.  Hm.  One day I shall have to tell about the Eeyore Friendship Barometer Test.

Zatanna (c) DC Comics
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