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Black Widow by Didi-Esmeralda

By cerebus873
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Art by :icondidi-esmeralda:

Part of my monthly Patreon Support for Didi.  She's one of my favorite people on DeviantArt, please consider supporting her!  www.patreon.com/DidiEsmeralda?…

Here's everything I commissioned from Didi: cerebus873.deviantart.com/gall…

This another excellent example of why I support 
Didi-Esmeralda's patreon.  It encourages her to produce several awesome pieces of art each month, and I get 1 made directly to my tastes.

Here we have a fantastic image of Black Widow.  Damn I love her hair.  And her eyes.  ;-)  And I love how this is framed.  Just perfect. <3.

Plus boobs. ^_^

Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this as I just keep staring at it going "Whoa!".

Didi's been on fire lately, do yourself a favor and go over to look at what is in her gallery.  But she's got some things that haven't made it over from Patreon yet too, those are wonderful.  (This one hasn't made it over yet either, but I got antsy and wanted to post it.)

So I'm taking AzureVirgo's suggestion and doing some summer time pictures next ... maybe with a break in August to celebrate a certain movie coming out.   So, June is Zee, July will likely be Supergirl sunbathing (a Kryptonian girl needs to recharge!).

September will probably be Jen, it's about time for Didi to draw her again, and it'll be my birthday month so I should spoil myself.  I probably won't be commissioning as much as I did last year for my birthday, but I'll try to get a few out.  I'm thinking about that now.... but I'll also probably just post them as they come in instead of on the day, last year was a LOT of work that day.  And I am too lazy to want to do work on my birthday! ;-) 

I think I'll do something Halloween for October.  Maybe someone spooky, or another character doing something Halloween related.  Or a bit of both.  It might be time to commission Tigra, she started out in that sort of spooky vein, and has great colors for Halloween.  But I have some time to change my mind, so feel free to make any suggestions.  I _might_ just take them.

Art (c) 
Black Window (c) Marvel Comics
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RyusokoProfessional Digital Artist
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indeed.   indeed.
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very nice B-) (Cool) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
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Glad you liked it!
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Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Woah Ted thanks for your great post, I am very excited about the new gear coming. I am delighted to read your post and also comments is very motivating. Always infinite thanks for so much love and support of my work, I always stay out of words to express it.
And your birthday comes wooooooow better not say anything because you  like  the surprises XD, big hugs and best wishes always :)
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I hope you read the other comments, everyone loves this.

Dandonfuga even commented!
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Didi-Esmeralda Digital Artist
Dandonfuga is very friendly and your work is beautiful, see the comments is very exciting  :)
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AnastasiyProfessional Digital Artist
This is totally beautiful! I love the colors
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agreed!  I love Didi's coloring here.  ;-)

Glad you liked it! 
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boxinggirls12Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes Didi really has been on fire, I've been noticing that when I go to get her pictures for the group. One of the best artist out there. :D
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You won't get any argument from me!  I love working with her.

I was Patreon #1 (IIRC).  I'm just so excited on how many patreons she's got now!  Thanks for supporting her!

(And similarly, she was the first person I commissioned.)

She really is making awesome work one after the other ...
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boxinggirls12Hobbyist Digital Artist
One of these days, if I want to commission an artist to draw one of my OC's, Didi would be first one I go to lol. B-)
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She's a great choice!
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boxinggirls12Hobbyist Digital Artist
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She is amazingly sexy!
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Truer words have not been spoken.  ;-)

glad you liked it.
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dandonfugaProfessional Digital Artist
Wooow, what an amazing Black Widow artwork! Would be ok for me to get shot down that way :D
Tomoyo Blushing Icon 
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If you have to go ....

I REALLY love the action in this.  

I feel like I should title these, "Reason 959 why I love working with Didi..."

Glad you liked it.

I thought your icon was Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Scientific railgun/Magical Index, but it's not is it?  So many things to keep track of...
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The level of awesomeness is over 90000!
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I agree. ;-)

Glad you liked it.  
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Sexy!!! Heart 
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