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Creepypasta OC Profile: The God Eater
Name: Kyoko no Orochi
Nickname: 'Quetzalcoatl' 'Jörmungandr' (also 'World Serpent')
Species: artificial being
Gender: androgynous
Date of Birth: possibly before the dawn of civilization
Age: physically appears to be in the late twenties in age, but is actually much older
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 90Ib
Homeworld/plane: Shrine in Japan
Nationality: Aztec?
Family: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Sexual Preference: aromantic pansexual
affiliation: unknown
Occupation: Godkiller
Hobbies: killing, drinking
Personality: Pretty emotionless and laid back, but is capable of mimicking emotions when it suits them. Has a twisted sense of humor.
History: Not much is known of this being's origins. Kyoko first recorded sighting was during the Aztec Empire. They were found by an elderly priest laying on the alter as an infant. Under the care of the priest, Kyoko grew at an accelerated pace, until they reached an age that allowed them to be independent. They disappeared for centuries after the fall of the
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Pyramids of Giza by Cerberus-Chaos Pyramids of Giza :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0 Easter by Cerberus-Chaos Easter :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 1 0 Honeycomb by Cerberus-Chaos Honeycomb :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0 Shark week by Cerberus-Chaos Shark week :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0 Pepperoni pizza by Cerberus-Chaos Pepperoni pizza :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0 Bender the Robot by Cerberus-Chaos Bender the Robot :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 1 0 Birthday Cake by Cerberus-Chaos Birthday Cake :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0
Void Dragons Bio
Sub-species: N/A
Description: Dragon-like creatures.
Biology: All Void dragons are androgynous. Digitigrade. Body composed of crystalline material that is extremely resilient to damage.
Abilities: Sound manipulation. Aura sense. Psionic abilities. Magic resistance. Portal creation.
Natural Weaponry: Poisonous spines on their tails and along their back.  
Diet: anything from fungus to creatures that live alongside them in the darkness.
Average Height: very big
Average Weight: very heavy
Lifespan: long
Reproduction: egg laying
Culture: mostly clannish
Politics: Clan is led by the clan elder
Religion: worship the 'Blinding One'
Settlements: scattered
Military: Warriors that usually protect the nest.
Technology: N/A
Conflicts: warring among clans
Traditions: unknown
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Space Colony by Cerberus-Chaos Space Colony :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 2 0 Tinkercad Basement by Cerberus-Chaos Tinkercad Basement :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0 Seven Bells of the Abhorsen by Cerberus-Chaos Seven Bells of the Abhorsen :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 0
OC/Character Profile Template
Height: 6'11
Weight: 90 Ib
Sexual Preference:
Goal or Purpose:  
Fighting Specs:  
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Palm Tree with Coconuts by Cerberus-Chaos Palm Tree with Coconuts :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 1 0 Bee by Cerberus-Chaos Bee :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 2 0 Turtle by Cerberus-Chaos Turtle :iconcerberus-chaos:Cerberus-Chaos 0 2


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